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ESIP Federation Policy on Committee and Working Group Proposals and Supporting Budget Requests

The ESIP Federation makes funds available to its committees and working groups through an annual budget process (funds permitting). The following details the guiding principles and required elements for any budget request submitted to the ESIP Federation’s Finance and Appropriations Committee.

Guiding Principles for Committee/Working Group Budget Proposals

  1. All Committees and Working Groups may submit budget proposals. A coordinated Committee or Working Group proposal request is offered by the Chair and should be supported by a majority of the members of the group.

  2. The Committee or Working Group proposal request should describe how the work to be supported by the requested funds leverages and augments existing volunteer efforts by group members.

  3. The Finance and Appropriations Committee will review all committee and working group proposals and respond to the committees and working groups with tentative decisions. The Executive Committee will review recommendations of the Finance and Appropriations Committee, and if it agrees with the recommendations, will initiate appropriate actions to allocate funds.

  4. Committee and Working Group proposals will be evaluated on their direct long-term benefit to the ESIP Federation. Proposals should align with ESIP Federation strategic interests and should emphasize collaborations that provide long-term benefits to the ESIP community.

  5. Committees and Working Groups should consider proposals that leverage collaborative activities.

Required Elements

  1. Funded activities will advance one or more identified ESIP community interests, such as the following examples:
a.   ESIP community-level technical solutions that ESIP partners
     can collectively develop and utilize.

b.   Travel support to represent an ESIP entity at a professional

c.   Short-term projects that can be sustained beyond the funded
  1. Funded activities will align with the ESIP Federation’s strategic plan.
a.   Budget proposals will describe how each proposed activity will
     meet strategic priorities.

b.   Proposed activities will be mapped to specific strategic plan
     goals or objectives.

c.   Budget proposals will rank individual funding requests as
     Essential, Important, or Desired.
  1. Committee and Working Group budgets will be based on the deliberations of the entire Committee/Working Group, including open competition among the membership.
a.   Notice of budget deliberations must be sent by the
     Committee/Working Group chair to the membership at least 14
     days prior to such deliberations.
  1. Funded activities and their responsible Committee or Working Group will submit required reports to the Executive Committee.
a.   Reports will be submitted semi-annually, 30 days prior to the
     Winter and Summer meetings.

b.   Reports will document milestones, money spent, and finished
     products,as appropriate.

c.  Report formats can vary, as long as the required information
     is provided (e.g., committee or working group wiki page, blog
  1. Committees and Working Groups that are funded will actively participate in semi-annual meetings during the funded period. Examples of participation include Collaboration Area poster, poster during the evening reception, workshop, and demonstration.

  2. Funding activities shall be consistent with the guidelines established, and/or regulations contained, in cooperative agreements and other federal funding sources, of which the Foundation for ESIP is a recipient.

General Provisions

  • Support for projects will be based on an approved fee for services and not on an hourly rate.

  • No overhead can be claimed on funded Committee and Working Group activities.

  • Unspent Committee or Working Group budget resources will revert to the general fund, at the end of the fiscal year.

  • Clusters do not have annual budgets. However, Clusters can submit "as needed budgets" for "special projects."

  • Technical innovations that have limited appeal to the broad ESIP community should be submitted to FUNding Friday competitions.

  • Committee and Working Group proposals should benefit the broader ESIP community and work toward a sustainable infrastructure for the ESIP Federation and its partners.

  • Committee and Working Group budget requests are due annually on August 15.

This Policy was approved by the Board of Directors of ESIP on October 17, 2017.