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Welcome to COR! You're reached the wiki for ESIP's Community Ontology Repository.

This wiki includes information about the repository's background and motivation, and its deployment and management process.

Information about COR itself, including how to use it, can be found by visiting the actual COR service on ESIP or the COR homepage. Thanks!

The MMI project is excited to have deployed their ontology repository service to the cloud on behalf of ESIP, and looks forward to transitioning support of this project to the ESIP community. The project members encourage extensive community participation and feedback in any and all phases of the project. Let's get started!

Background and Motivation — Why are we doing this?

Operational Overview — How does the COR work?

Management Process — How is this work being managed?

Documentation and Contacts — Find out more!

Repository Organization — The different components contributing to ORR

Deployment Approach — What's going on technically?

Original COR Proposal

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