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SWEET Ontologies


Official repository for Semantic Web for Earth and Environmental Terminology (SWEET) Ontologies.

What is SWEET?

SWEET is a highly modular ontology suite with ~6000 concepts in ~200 separate ontologies covering Earth system science. SWEET is a mid-level ontology and consists of nine top-level concepts that can be used as a foundation for domain-specific ontologies that extend these top-level SWEET components. SWEET’s own domain-specific ontologies, which extend the upper level ontologies, can provide users interested in further developing a particular domain with a solid set of concepts to get started. SWEET ontologies are written in W3C Turtle; the Terse RDF Triple Language and are publicly available under the Apache License v2.0.

SWEET as Linked Data

Details of how HTTP requests against are processed can be found here.

SWEET IRI Patterns for Ontologies and thier Terms

See the relevant wiki documentation.


SWEET is governed by the ESIP Semantic Technologies Committee (STC) meaning that all proposed changes are evaluated by a number of subject matter experts. If you would like to learn more about SWEET, or are interested in joining the community, please join our community mailing list.


Please see the CONTRIBUTING documentation.

Additionally, if you wish to discuss SWEET issues with the STC, please contact us via the WG email list.


SWEET is licensed permissively under the Apache License v2.0 a copy of which ships with this source code.