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Welcome to the IHM Accessibility Analysis wiki! This wiki provides details of the steps required to calculate bus based accessibility using bus timetables, recorded in the ATCO-CIF format, and Ordnance Survey ITN transport network data. The analysis makes use of OpenTripPlanner (see http://www.opentripplanner.org/), an open-source routing engine.

As a first step, download a copy of the repository to your local machine. To do this, select clone or download and then select download zip.

The datasets involved are:

  • Bus Timetables (ATCO-CIF format) (details available here.)
  • Ordnance Survey ITN data
  • Naptan Stops (details available here.)

As part of the data preparation process, it is necessary that the Bus timetables and Ordnance Survey data be transformed into a format suitable for use with OpenTripPlanner. It is necessary that the bus timetable be converted from ATCO-CIF format to GTFS format and that the Ordnance Survey Data be converted from gml to the OpenStreetMap format, .osm)

  1. Conversion of ATCO-CIF to GTFS format
  2. Conversion of Ordnance Survey .gml to .osm format

Once the input data have been transformed, it is then possible to perform the accessibility analysis using Open Trip Planner. Here, the goal is to calculate the journey time between Output Area Population Weighted Centroids and a collection of key POIs including GPs, Clinics, Hospitals, Train Stations and Supermarkets.

  1. Building and running Open Trip Planner
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