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Important notes

Redis is now a OS package prerequisite

  • Redis is used for caching different parts of the system for improved performance and is now required for ESSArch to work properly.
  • See ESSArch Core installation documentation for more information

Workflow Engine

Features and improvements

  • Removed celery_id field from ProcessTask. Instead we set the id of the celery id to the same as the id of the task
  • Removed " undo" prefix from undo-tasks
  • The status and progress of steps are now cached using Redis
  • Added eager field to steps and tasks determine if tasks should be executed locally or sent to queue
  • Removed attempt field from ProcessTask. Instead we use undone and retried fields that are foreign keys to the tasks that are undone/retried
  • Removed id field from EventType. eventType is now used as the primary key
  • Added a chunk method to ProcessStep which enables us to run multiple tasks (of the same type) in a single celery message
  • Tasks now always expects id of objects instead of the objects themselves as paramaters
  • Tasks now accepts positional arguments using the args list field
  • If the destination of CopyFile is a directory then the file will be put in that directory
  • Added ConvertFile task
  • CreateTar and CreateZIP has been imported from ETP and have gotten support for compression
  • When copying a local file with CopyFile, the destination directory will be created if needed
  • Multipart-Encoded files are now used for remote file transfers
  • A final request with the path and MD5 checksum is sent when all chunks have been uploaded to the same URL as the file uploads but with _complete added to the end
  • If the request in DownloadFile fails, an exception is raised
  • Certificates are no longer verified in DownloadFile
  • Serializers and views for steps and tasks has been imported from ETP
  • params and result_params can no longer be None
  • result_params are now {} by default
  • result_params are now merged into params in task serializer
  • Tasks and steps can now be filtered on the hidden field

Bug Fixes

  • Previous results are no longer fetched before the previous task is done
  • Running an empty step no longer crashes and returns an empty list instead
  • Events created in a task are now created before the next task starts
  • HTTP_CONTENT_RANGE is now correctly set when transferring files

XML Generator

Features and improvements

  • ObjectIdentifierValue instead of ìd is now used for _OBJID

  • External XML files are now supported

    Using the -external key in the specification, one can specify that the generated xml should be split up into multiple files. The key will point to a dict containing 4 keys:

    • -dir: The parent directory to all the directories that will get an external file
    • -file: The name of all external files
    • -pointer: The specification for the pointers to the external files
    • -specification: The specification of all external files
  • einfo has been replaced by traceback and exception in ProcessTask to support exceptions that cannot be pickled

  • Added a view for the current user

  • Root directory, file format name, file format version and file format registry key are now included in the result of ParseFile

  • An element can now be flagged as required with the -req flag

  • An element can now be flagged with -hideEmptyContent which will hide the element if it doesn't have any content

  • If allow_unknown_file_types is True then mimetypes of unknown file types will be set to application/octet-stream

Bug Fixes

  • XML Generator can now parse files with names containing non-ascii characters


  • A UserProfile model has been added which has a one-to-one relation with the User model
  • Added permission ip.can_upload
  • Added permission profiles.can_create_new_sa_generation
  • Added in_directory to util which can be used to check if one path is a sub path of another path
  • When creating a new profile generation, any connection to a IP is no longer changed
  • URL fields in profiles are now validated on clean
  • Profiles are no validated when creating new generations
  • All fields in the InformationPackage-model are now in snake_case
  • Locking a profile with fields in template missing in specification_data will now copy the default value of those fields into specification_data

Requirement changes


  • Updated django-filter from 0.15.2 to 1.0.3
  • Updated djangorestframework from 3.4.6 to 3.6.3
  • Updated opf-fido from 1.3.4 to 1.3.5
  • Updated scandir from 1.3 to 1.4


  • Added django-mptt 0.8.7
  • Added drf-extensions 0.3.1
  • Added drf-proxy-pagination 0.1.1
  • Added httpretty 0.8.14
  • Added mock 2.0.0
  • Added mysqlclient 1.3.10
  • Added natsort 5.0.2
  • Added requests_toolbelt 0.7.0