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Features and improvements

Pages and layout

  • The GUI has been slightly updated with fewer and smaller borders, and a more distinct header with buttons instead of tabs.
  • Added descriptive popovers
  • Added support page
  • Added button for copying traceback of a failed task to task report
  • Added duration to task report
  • Milliseconds are now included in start and end time in task report
  • Updates of the task tree for an IP is no longer rebuilt on each refresh
  • A file browser is now available in the reception and for the logged in user's IPs
  • A button for copying the id is now available in the task modal


  • Object identifier value is now included in the information package serialization
  • Object identifier value is now used for file and directory names
  • IPs can now also be searched for with object identifier value, first and last name of responsible, start date and end date
  • The task serialization now includes args which is the list of positional arguments provided to the task
  • Task parameters are now serialized as json instead of a string
  • ObjectIdentifierValue and LABEL are now optional variables when identifying IP
  • File uploads are now expected to be done using Multipart-Encoded files
  • Each chunk will be verified against it's HTTP_CONTENT_RANGE header and will return 400 Bad Request if it doesn't match.
  • When all chunks has been uploaded for a file, an additional request to /api/information-packages/id/upload_complete can be done to verify that the checksum is correct
  • Files in an IP can now be listed, previewed (depending on browser) and downloaded at /api/information-packages/{id}/files/ and /api/ip-reception/{id}/files/


  • INNODB is now the default database storage engine
  • Redis is now the default task result backend

Bug Fixes

  • (API) Providing the IP files route with a path outside of the IP returns 400 Bad Request
  • (API) Providing the IP files route with a path that does not exist returns 404 Not Found
  • (API) Retrieving an IP that does not exist now returns 404 Not Found
  • (API) Viewing a task with params containing non-ascii characters no longer results in a 500 Internal Server Error
  • (API) IPs already deleted from file system can now be deleted without resulting in a 500 Internal Server Error

Requirement changes


  • Updated django-filter from 0.15.2 to 1.0.3
  • Updated djangorestframework from 3.4.6 to 3.6.3


  • Added drf-extensions 0.3.1
  • Added mock 2.0.0
  • Added mysqlclient 1.3.10
  • Added natsort 5.0.2


  • Deleted MySQL-python