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John Carmack's .plan for Feb 18, 1996
* page flip crap
* stretch console
* faster swimming speed
* damage direction protocol
* armor color flash
* gib death
* grenade tweaking
* brightened alias models
* nail gun lag
* dedicated server quit at game end
+ scoreboard
+ optional full size
+ view centering key
+ vid mode 15 crap
+ change ammo box on sbar
+ allow "restart" after a program error
+ respawn blood trail?
+ -1 ammo value on rockets
+ light up characters
vsync on high framerates
John Carmack's .plan for Feb 19, 1996
* fixed vanished bmodels at startup
* fixed getting stuck problem
* fixed the sound out of range problem
* hack patched the dissapearing under water
+ remove look spring
+ fix radius damage
+ too many people on status bar
+ invis in water
+ multiple pain sounds started
+ shift jumps while in console
+ less blood time
+ gone armor icon
+ look up/down keyboard modifier
clamp velocity on respawn
clear damage flash on respawn
bad changeup
bob speed kept on restart
no puffs in sky volumes
id copyright seal
teleport screen warp
John Carmack's .plan for Feb 20, 1996
* rewrote sound packet communication
* fixed multiple pains from a single shotgun
* qcc -copy option for sounds and models
* fixed up pak file support
* removed .rc files
* screen size over status bar
+ monsters need to be pushed into teleporters
+ blue frag pieces
+ NaN impact time is a crasher
+ looking down on weapon bounces away from bottom
+ timing preventing attacks at startup
fix hardwired vid_uopdate
remove redundant death sounds
teleport warp
monsterblock entity
multiple sky textures in a level
John Carmack's .plan for Feb 21, 1996
* frag bar
* start profile on late frame
* fixed relinking bug
* improved prediction bounding
* change weapon chooses supers first
* ammo pictures on status bar
* drop pain flash again and bound
* tweak armor and spike damages
+ don't pick up equal armor
+ ceiling doors don't cause damage
+ demons crash when jumping
+ monsters need to use bsp clipping
+ need to save memory...
+ Fatal error: NaN impact time from entity
+ change armor damage
+ drop weapons
+ face to face with nailgun does no damage
+ +pointfile from cmdline doesn't work
+ conglomerate hunk printing
+ shoot triggers
+ missing a Z update on rockets sometimes?
+ firing after net games
+ negative scores on frag bar and frag board
+ world backpack and armor model
+ weapon bounce down
+ center look key
+ check change levels in high res mode
show ammo counts in single player frag screen
radius damage should open secret doors
five point font on kills
rocket poke into walls
shoot open connected doors
gib bounce sound
John Carmack's .plan for Feb 22, 1996
* fix incorrectly updated origin bug
* added alias backpack and armor
* fixed weapons sticking into wall
* changed "connected to server" to "connected to map"
* fixed console
* armor skin numbers
* fixed "not shooting" bug
* changed sound back to origin based instead of entity based
+ swimming directions
+ quit scores are wrong
+ screen flicker crap
+ radius damage sight check
+ crushing issues
+ bodies stopping in midair
dimmed out weapons
follow killer
spin head inside gib
John Carmack's .plan for Feb 23, 1996
* fixed sound origins again
* fixed crushing stuff
* added "wait" to triggers
* added startup stuff for demo
* swimming direction stuff
* added '+' sizeup as well as =
* changed "unnamed" to "player"
* fixed skinnum clearing
+ gibbs need to fall after trap doored
+ ambient
+ make bubble sound while swimming forward
+ server speed
+ case insensitive on key names
+ hunk alloc
+ nans
+ better notify scrolling
+ final score dumping
+ negative frags
+ reconnect problems
backpack dropping underlava
"hostname" makes gane think it is a server
swimming models
weapon cycling
dedicated server stuffcmds
John Carmack's .plan for Feb 24, 1996
* added case insensitive key names
* skipped license check on dedicated servers
* changed prog score sorting some
* took out autofire
* fixed negative frags
* cleaned up connection management
* fixed hunk_alloc
* no sutch alias frame problem when leaving server
* "map test1" on system with enough memory
* flickering side crap when level restarting
* added base directory to path
* changed heads to tosstop
****** RELEASE QTEST1 ******
+ unupdated Z problem is still in there
+ flickering weapon icon
+ blood trail to respawn
John Carmack's .plan for Feb 25, 1996
* emit bsp files
+ idle loop on disconnect
+ key sticking
+ fix noclip in the water
+ modelgen scale option
+ run a single level for a long time, then connect hangs
+ grenade radius check
gibs stuck in walls in low G
flash blinding
turbulent texture direction
space in smiley talk message
talk sounds
full chat mode
John Carmack's .plan for Feb 26, 1996
* ogre sounds
* made 180 turns go left for better ogre dragging
* error checked and extended qbsp
+ drop green slime percentage
+ ram chip overlapps turtle
+ do DEC quote
+ nolerp update
caps-lock = full speed
no particle effects on sky
John Carmack's .plan for Feb 27, 1996
* expand qbsp to 32 bit values for edges and faces. sigh.
* fixed key sticking problem
seperate mouse sscaling values to allow negative up/down reversal
frag bar shows first two digits, not last two when >= 100
randomize head direction
slime less damage
drop to knees when crunched
check deathmatch flags before precaching
John Carmack's .plan for Feb 28, 1996
+ upper health bound
+ keyboard freelook
+ more air acceleration
can a hostile monster hit it's movetarget and turn away? check scirk and smotte don't cache player model in single player "fair" mode with syncronous clients kill timers on all spawned objects
John Carmack's .plan for Feb 29, 1996
* increased air acceleration
+ don't allow up/down move at all without noclip
+ weird fall out of level in sbad
John Carmack's .plan for Mar 01, 1996
* added ping command
* fixed time warp from overloaded dedicated servers
* rotate binaries
* respawning items
+ clean model flags on remove
+ tim's color
+ weapon ammo not redrawn sometimes
+ no sutch alias frame after gibbing
+ give more feedback during the connection process
+ set absolute screen size command
safe allocation failures from vid / zbuffer
send full pathnames from server to client, not findfile
make all commands remote if priveledged
unique names
inquire about server rules (teamplay, fraglimit, timelimit,
maxspeed, gravity, ticrate)
is vid still flushing the entire screen?
empty path causes error in quake?
don't need to update frame of target entity
John Carmack's .plan for Mar 02, 1996
* wrote sgi test demo
John Carmack's .plan for Mar 03, 1996
* added precache_file qcc option for -copy files
* capped health at 250
+ solid, invisible brushes
+ don't send linear entities in signon message
+ write a message trace printing mode
+ is 256 angle quantization from client hurting us?
+ sky animations use the wrong time base
+ centralize the connection process
weapon switching is wrong
no twitch in god mode
if a linear update entity doesn't get an update in a packet, remove it
bound upper client message sends properly
RELEASE: bump protocol version numbers just before releasing
John Carmack's .plan for Mar 04, 1996
* got new internet code running
* server protocol number
* stopped printing name change message for first message
* put usleep back in
+ an entity model is being cleared out from underneath it
+ rotating body parts
+ binary bit fields
+ damage in datagrams
+ push back at edges when moving slow?
+ twirling gibs
+ bit fields for binary objects
+ never reuse binary object slots
+ fix connect to a bad map
+ noticed water to dm only clipping prob in tim13
+ no sutch alias frame problem =
ability to make custom plat activation triggers
John Carmack's .plan for Mar 05, 1996
* basic zombie actions
* added dog
* fixed bug in QuakeEd that caused a crash when setting a bad classname
* changed health stat to a short to fix negative numbers
* added binary object bit update
+ zonbies need to change size when down
+ secret doors need to crush damage, and return to open
negative health
fish have problems
cycle general updates in wasted badnwidth
John Carmack's .plan for Mar 06, 1996
* fixed all network play issues
* better monster combat
* monsters don't activate plats
* shambler shoot up
* stubbed enforcer
* soldier standing frames
* monster use function makes them hostile towards activator
+ drop ammo
+ monsters see farther
+ negative ammo
+ extra friction near edges
+ fracs aren't right in single player
+ use monsters = wake up
set ideal yaw upon first sighting
temp object updates
check size on teleport destinations
player only teleporters
puff of smoke when shooters fire
weird high look up on romero's level
step on grenades
flyers look down
eagle eye checkbox
monsters not trigger plat
flying change height
monster jumping
make tents for shotgun puffs
leave level running too long problem
shambler range
John Carmack's .plan for Mar 07, 1996
* increased max portals on edge in bsper
* NT gl testing
* fixed path walking
+ clear static objects for restarts
John Carmack's .plan for Mar 08, 1996
* dropping ammo
* zombie gib non-solid
* all zombie attacks
* scrolling notify text
* shooters that fire superspikes
* keys
* increased monster sight distance
* fixed noclip in water
+ fix sound code
+ item only in dm flags
+ shoot through complex bmodels
+ NaN stuff
+ change impulse over to impule # instead of impulse1
+ dog frames
+ demos!
fix noclip underwater
all zombie pain issues
duplicate impulse events
status bar art needs work
jrbase3 teleporter can be hit behind dmonly
do pain well on all monsters
don't blit the entire screen when sized down!
clean up headers
John Carmack's .plan for Mar 09, 1996
* wrote cl_shownet 2 dump
* rebuilt qcc to take $scale parm
* worked on demon
* cleaned up obsolete utilites
* fixed super shotgun size for sbad
* moved wadfile to hunk
* added colormap grab to qlumpy and got rid of vid_256.h
* finaly gave dec quote
* spread monster thinking times
+ fix angle on spike shooters
+ pick up super nailgun == illegible server message?
+ damaging trains
+ sandy: sally, don't put all the weapons on it, and help the PVS at start
+ get rid of surface->drawnframe now?
fix weapon switching
fix sound mixing
climb out of water
weapon pickup can overmax ammo
staticly define sound arrays
lightning client entity
fly move to goal
stop repeat jump
check DAMAGE_YES on dead bodies
teleport warp
is surface->texmultab[MIPLEVELS] worth the space?
combine surface->texture and ofs into texinfo?
John Carmack's .plan for Mar 10, 1996
* fixed static object update bomb
* fixed crazy speed guys
* allow restart after objerror
* fixed bug with restarting droped out of world messages
* spread standing frames more for groups
+ remove precache_item
+ ogres that won't wake up
+ spawn flags
pause turn speed
army guys don't wake up by touch?
jump velocity shouldn't make head bob
John Carmack's .plan for Mar 11, 1996
* fixed backpack dropping in deathmatch
* fixed monster sighting PVS problem
+ fix dos qcc
+ demon landing frame
+ trigger activated train
+ enforcer
+ dog
+ -1 ammo, 1 ammo on super shotgun, etc
+ invisible brushes for clip hull
+ grenade launcher shouldn't aim move
update ammo when picked up grenade launcher with rocket running
damage value on trains and secret doors
player stayed on console after leaving
jctest1 door fuckups
grenade open secret doors
John Carmack's .plan for Mar 12, 1996
* got new alias stuff sort of working
+ pause message needs to stay up
+ change level trigger
+ knight bodies are solid
lighting hidden objects
level loading pacifier
weapon switch button
doors that stay shut on some multi levels?
mouse button stuck down
monster shouldn't get key door messages
John Carmack's .plan for Mar 13, 1996
* got new alias stuff (mostly) debugged
* optimized BoxOnPlaneSide
* stoped generating backwards planes
* demon jump higher, fixed melee attacks
* made knight corpse non-solid
* crunched progs.dat file structure
* culled unused edict fields
+ shoot trigger
+ alias clipping still isn't right
+ reverse dmonly / not_dm? combine with spawn only flags?
+ work on sound code!
+ fixed secret doors stop working
+ make objects fall when floor is removed
make #ifdef PARANOID checks
lightweight entities to save space?
grenade / rocket damage to triggers
John Carmack's .plan for Mar 14, 1996
* new trigger code with delay
+ jrbase3 spawn problem
jump triggers
dragon path
uncache player on single player
monster missile checking for race relations
gib pack
wizard partical trail
multiple sky maps
non-bleeding takedamage
John Carmack's .plan for Mar 15, 1996
* made an execution stack for progs
* spawn flags
+ fix NaNs!
+ proper level changing
door no backup option
PVS for net update
check entity relinking for excess
good tempents.
John Carmack's .plan for Mar 16, 1996
* made -1 wait doors not return when blocked
* made secret doors and trains do damage
* added edge friction
* fixed reset self bug that caused jrbase3 not to load
* loading pacifiers
* split out some of the physics code
+ do from-the-beginning demos
+ why are NeXT fullbright colors still bad?
+ not starting up at american's house?
+ move the if(deathmatch) remove (self) statements before monster
+ trigger start trains
shambler and wizard need idle frames
bump all version numbers before final release, so no maps work with
general sound objects?
mouse button sticking
win95 startup with map
eliminate MAX_FACES from qbsp? (
John Carmack's .plan for Mar 17, 1996
* triggered trains
* began work on sound code
+ edge friction jumping
+ edge friction in air?
ambush guards
temp ent precache
does pacifier not work on net games?
John Carmack's .plan for Mar 18, 1996
* fuxed button triggered delays
* added classname to light error message
* demon more damage
* sounder objects
* light_switchable
+ grenade proximity explosions
+ fix jumping off edges
+ wizard fast shots
+ target lights for controling them
+ plat hit on head bug
+ ambient light
spiral the view when gibbed
level based gravity
John Carmack's .plan for Mar 19, 1996
* switchable lights
+ changed light program to unique switchable styles
+ target usable monsters
+ toggleable doors
+ leaf lighting
+ F2 reload crashes
+ grenade radius
+ spikeshooter directions
+ sound cache shouldn't be cleared all the times
+ demon jumping
+ demon death frames
+ chain activators for monster deaths
+ crawl out of water
+ ambient from map
different teleport flash
linked doors still have problems
work on swimming
control triggers for player only, or with monsters
better knight code
turn off regular shooters when used?
once trigger on door_start_up?
ctrl-alt-delete reset?
remove r_fullbright in deathmatch
sound streaming
fix "couldn't allocate Z buffer" error
reduce sound latency
John Carmack's .plan for Mar 20, 1996
* deathmatch onyl spawn doesn't work
* drowning damage
* changed QuakeEd to get progs from id1_
* added colors to QuakeEd entities
* got rid of /lquake, moved QuakeEd caches to /qcache
+ don't take datagrams until acked second message
+ not-dm is intangible
+ sally torches not spawning
+ client called twice?
+ combine damage messages from super shotguns
+ gib zombies lying down?
+ more water friction
+ swimming bubble noise
+ light the weapons differently in bright areas
+ keyboard freelook
+ move QuakeEd start position to playerstart
stop wall climbing
sleeping pause
raise rocket launcher with 0 ammo
John Carmack's .plan for Mar 21, 1996
* fixed quakeed bug to allow carrying selection to new map
* fixed updated static bug
+ demons that fall through world
+ "wait" exec command
+ end of line exec bug
do style lighting for alias models
for release: Id Trademark graphic
John Carmack's .plan for Mar 22, 1996
* fixed bug with "alias" command that failed to add a newline
* fixed bug in command execution that sometimes mashed commands together
* added "impulse #" command to replace impulse0 impulse1, etc
* allowed "bind" and "alias" to grab the rest of the line, not just arg(3)
* don't clear impulse events every frame, so a weapon change will wait
for attack completion
* added "wait" command. These changes allow:
bind g "impulse 5 ; +attack ; wait ; -attack ; impulse 2"
* got demos mostly working
+ worry about shutting down listen servers before connect / demo playback
+ remove item precache
+ finish switching lights
+ keyboard freelook
+ do clients need keepalives?
spikes coming through walls
explosive nails
change thresholding on trimapper in higher res!!!!!
muzzle flashes
John Carmack's .plan for Mar 23, 1996
* lots of cleanup in cl_ code
* killed looping sounds at disconnect
* faded palette back down at disconnect
* fixed bobj miscount and added bobj count error check
* interpolated angles and velocities for low update connections
* finished demo code
+ sound caching....
+ looping sound still doesn't work on my system
+ can't throw out spawned sounds too far away, because of teleporters
+ ammo box on sbar doesn't allways update after death
+ two state door
+ allocate translations on the hunk to save single player memory
remove headless / legless death frames
swimming frames
server viewpos problem
relinking by size still isn't right
explosion core
precache_auxsound for non-essential
don't cache player model in single player
John Carmack's .plan for Mar 24, 1996
* level to level transitions
* finished light modifications for switchables
* fixed bug that caused some entities to not appear
+ weird field trashing bug
+ don't clear sound precache on non-progrestart
+ stuff not showing up in jccode
+ savegames
+ nail angles are wrong
+ cought on buttons in johnc99
+ is anything confused by on clients during a net game?
stereo positioning is wrong
handle coop games
make lightning a tent
worry about security risks with pathnames for demos and savegames
need to save lightstyles in savegames
non-convex bsp output
John Carmack's .plan for Mar 27, 1996
* fixed soundlist
* explosion through walls doesn't damage
* monsters don't melee through walls
* fixed memory trash from restarts
* changed signon messages to more client requests, removed buffers
* invisible clip solids
+ wake up monsters through walls
+ is vid palette setting fixed?
+ remove up/down movement from non-noclip
+ entity bsp clipping for shots and monster moves
+ make QuakeEd center on start position
+ climb out of water
+ light switches?
bsp sticking point
no aim key
don't include trigger and clip mip textures in files?
John Carmack's .plan for Mar 28, 1996
* fixed efrag allocation on restart (really)
* fixed static sprite placement
* fixed light casting from torches
* fixed spawning angles
* fixed savegame and multi player baseline object startup
* made QuakeEd go to info_playerstart at level load
+ fix damage trace through entities
+ keyboard freelook
spinning gibs on floor
very high framerates mess up
extra back attack damage
buffered IO problem on romero's machine
stereo still isn't right
partical puffs
John Carmack's .plan for Mar 30, 1996
+ dynamic lights....
+ grenade activation size
+ entnum optimization
+ make progs use pointers for edicts?
+ sideways spikes
esc = floating menus, with console option
remove avelocity?
track down the _SCR_UpdateScreen <cycle 2> [23] from profile
clean up search path syntax
fix style lighting on alias models
more #ifdef PARANOID
John Carmack's .plan for Mar 31, 1996
* changed edicts from indexes to pointers
* fixed byte order problem in qcc
* fixed backward movement dies after many savegames
* fixed bus error in edict linking after a model remove
* cleared rotate flag on CL_SetModelFlags
* made items move with pushers
+ animating textures
+ vis problems out of water in jrbase2
+ get trail characteristics from model name? (now a model flag)
+ switched lights don't work right after restart
+ aiming at fast moving entities
+ center view key
light filter in quakeed is broken
per-entity ambient light value
don't play door trigger sounds if full up
shoot over fallen zombies
no changeup to grenades
add targets to doors
auto pause when console
player gib packages
null bobjmodel in singleplayer
wizard bombs through walls
drowning time?
shambler lightning
hang when starting a mistyped level (time based?)
old deathmatch rules?
lockup overnight
don't hook keyboard on dos dedicated server
cycle edict allocation so spikes aren't reused frequently
make spikes rotate
John Carmack's .plan for Apr 01, 1996
* added $flags to models for client side stuff (rotations, trails)
* allowed coop play
* started using Host_Error for client errors
* lint
+ animating textures
+ NULL connect
+ connect while in a game crashes
different sfx cache size for client only?
frame chnaging while paused?
item targets
respawn in coop
John Carmack's .plan for Apr 02, 1996
* exploded wizard bombs on death
* server optimization
* fixed angle on loadgame and coop
* average monster velocity for aiming
* made wizard fall properly
+ running into nails
+ can still get shot out of the world
+ dynamically allocate color translation tables
+ pause work
+ backpack dropping
water stair climbing
check door linking , regarding the partial closing
restart level spawn parms
dead player save que
quakeed magnified texture view
ambient + gravity attributes
load fames
restart without killing server
no-aim option
John Carmack's .plan for Apr 03, 1996
* made func_wall and removed the dm_only / not_dm
+ sky fuckups
+ single pixel movement quantization?
+ falling out of world
auto aiming sucks
remove superscaling
s->relasecount error
.cfg default for exec
frame too fast bug causing lockups
last request/reply
registration trademark!!!
explosion cores
check side to side movement for big attacks like the shamblers?
change backpack content messages
combine model and sound cache!
better PVS with more leafs?
John Carmack's .plan for Apr 04, 1996
+ teleport flash is broken
+ order of monster fall to ground
multiple input drivers (hard coded)
save cfg
bounce head gib?
wall scaling is step up?
John Carmack's .plan for Apr 05, 1996
+ sound loop points
multi life / level demos
precache_sound return string value
make jump buffered edge triggered
clipping hull lips
hang after sitting overnight on dos
John Carmack's .plan for Apr 06, 1996
use PVS to speed line of sight checks? Is that any faster than doing
the line check, because it involves two point checks?
swooping ai movement by checking distance to impact with forward trace?
make minimum frame time a cvar, so you could clamp to 10fps
runmove() builtin for progs?
draw triggers debugging option (z buffer it)?
look towards killer when dead
John Carmack's .plan for Apr 07, 1996
* fixed tfog
* fixed removal of entities over net
John Carmack's .plan for Apr 08, 1996
* fixed stray rocket trails
* fixed coordinate integralization problem
* identified the Aim() time sink
* fixed smooth step up
* got new clipping code running
+ sound looping prob is due to decimation
+ expand numtextures to a word from a byte
+ remove FL_ONGROUND after being pushed
+ still damage through walls
+ counting trigger
+ paused graphic
+ demon freeze jump
add s and t vectors to the plane description in .map files
remove the pad around bmodels bounds
make pushmove area check instead of linear search
server pass full pathnames to client
dos crashes overnight (timing wraparound bug?)
quake logo screen needs filtering
shoot all the way through walls with objects
wizard fireball
plat problem in tim17
shambler lightning
weird grenade launch spot
auto pause on console
hold "other" on delay triggers
gib stuff
John Carmack's .plan for Apr 09, 1996
* fixed crash when -NXHost on quake
* added +precache 0 option to speed up WAN loading
* fixed sound loading bug
* added loop lengths to sound loading
* increased MAX_MAP_ENTSTING
+ quakeEd filter brushes
+ 16 bit looping sounds hang the dos game
QuakeEd showed "Helvetica-Bold" in entity comment field. Scary.
maake treading water better
trigger to turn off spikeshooters
save the entity string memory
blocked bmodels are conveyors?
John Carmack's .plan for Apr 10, 1996
* made no-light levels auto fullbright
* finished second clipping hull
+ zombies on the ground can't be gibbed
+ listen servers not working?
error check all strcpy in QuakeEd
slow slide clipping with ogre hull?
grenades should trigger shootable triggers / objects
looping sound that didn't stop
John Carmack's .plan for Apr 11, 1996
* fixed damage through walls
* fixed gibbing downed zombies
ten second max looping sound?
integral sound stepping?
the damage byte stream is what is causing packet overflows
debounce jump
is there a mouse call to find the number of buttons?
fix palette after vid change...
too many vid_palette calls
fix snd_next to be snd_none
change sys_loadfile to com_loadfile
"system is little endien" message as optional verbose debug
sometimes shotgun sound doesn't play
double doors independantly closing
server speed went back up
fix auto aiming
no gun aiming
no change to grenade launcher
ogre grenades
zombie gibs
fixed angle for grenades when stopped
client side shambler lightning
gravity on corpses pushed into blocking positions
slime darkness value
sky time problem
integrate dirpack with qcc
check precedence of test directories and pak files
rocket auto aiming is not working right
amtele2 teleport problem
no save when dead
memory fail to console, not dos
still overrun nails
John Carmack's .plan for Apr 12, 1996
<at raven>
John Carmack's .plan for Apr 13, 1996
<at raven>
John Carmack's .plan for Apr 14, 1996
* fix 8 bit palette in NS
* modified modelgen to allow multiple models in one file
* fixed qbsp to detect cases of no entities placed and skip fill outside
* new wizard spike attacks
fix corrected palette at mode change
make dos utility tree
make QuakeEd's menu commands variable length
debounce console
debounce jump
remote slist
slist with user names
fall out of world when dead
s_releasesound: s->refcount < 0
sound cache parameters
clear pause on restart
check pak file overriding
John Carmack's .plan for Apr 15, 1996
* lowered slime cshift
* wizard slide move
* dog frames
* fixed auto aiming when dead on
* soldier less hp + tuning
* various gibs
* dynamically allocated scores structure
* trigger_counter
* door TOGGLE
* fixed forking bug that trashed pointfiles
* fixed sky fuckup
+ fix demon pop jump
+ zombie get up inside other
+ zombie gib throwing
+ lose onfloor when pushed
+ animating textures
+ schurch weirdness
make light styles global prog vars
base4 entrance door sucks
back attack damage
fix dynamic light values of players
aim up at nearby monsters
load pcxs in lbmlib
text triggers
swim slow straight up?
temp entities
client sound calls
zombie heads bouncing
bouncing monsters out of the world
gib bodies between pushers
John Carmack's .plan for Apr 16, 1996
* reduced bodies to points on squash
* turned off onground when pushed
* new demon jumping
* fixed zombie stand ups
* fixed zombie standing off floor
* fixed uninitialized vector in movestep
* fixed scr_ofs cheat
* fixed upjump cheat
* _field names are ignored by quake
* fixed bottom checking
* fixed up fov
* moved icons into view screen
* added pause icon and showpause cvar
* delayed monster drop to floor
+ texture toastage
+ save / loadgame start view angle
+ fix demon popjump
+ flickering ammo box on restart
+ weapons not following to next level?
+ knights not coming off paths when angered
+ load / save games are broken
+ pause veloicty spin
+ reset lightstyles on level load
more screen turbulent warps
default fields in /*QuakeEd header
is draworder working in deathmatch?
enforcer no melee attack, side step
triangle transition size
open secret doors with area effects
alias model racing stripe
shoot over grounded zombies
activatable trigger
wizard altitude changes
enforcers need to drop ammo
player torso gib shouldn't be used for most monsters
teleportation issues
some keyboard keys make it in while changing levels
make a base directory variable for all util scripts?
invisibility (remove weapon)
flyjumping up slopes
better polygon lighting
track killer when dead
allocate cl_entities on the hunk
start dead zombies
cvar changing buttons
invulnerability powerup
raise / lower weapons
is qc pausetime needed?
delay item drop to floor?
run first second of game before entering player
John Carmack's .plan for Apr 18, 1996
* finished new bsp portalization process: 20% faster, 1/5 the memory
* fixed monster repeat teleport
* klook and mlook
* fixed monster stepping up into mid air
* what breaks switchable lights is a bsp->entities without running light
* changed network startup to use signon ready flags
* added extra face-on wall friction
+ fix ammo between levels
+ dark knight
+ message wasn't a nop
+ schurch zombie graves
+ sandy's bug1
+ slow drifting spikes
+ kill wizard spikes after their death
+ s_refcount bug still exists
+ wizard spike starters spawn inside walls
+ plat dmg fields
+ longer pause for ogre first shot
should demons step up before leaping?
shooting spikes out of rockets
need mouse configuration in the menus
try removing bounding pad on bmodels
add fadable light switches
ability to bind specifically to key up / down ?
bound ammo on weapon pickup
lava damage for monsters
error check add to reliable messages
less accurate ogre tossing
John Carmack's .plan for Apr 19, 1996
* fixed world/entity clear allsolid flag bug
* tracked down problem with zombies popping out of graves
* fixed path follow when in combat mode bug
* fixed standing on top of monster stuck bug
* animating textures
+ don't report surface cache size when caching sounds
+ pick up items multiple times when on dropping plat
+ pause continues across restarts, but plaque doesn't
+ overnight lockups
+ debounce jump
+ wizard spikes start in walls
overbright light palettes?
slope auto pitch needs work
secret area counters
don't slide on slopes
zombies need to be gibed by pushers
monsters trigger plats
warnings on coplanar brushes in bsp?
only disable auto center when head is under water, not feet
debounce escape
lightstyles in savegames
sticky bsp corners
wizard partical centers
make triggers use BSP models?
better sky management
John Carmack's .plan for Apr 20, 1996
* added hell knight
* Hunk_ReportSurfaceCache() instead of automatic
* fixed multiple touch on items riding plats
* helped non-solid and trigger items push better
* cleared pause on map restart
* fixed level change parms
* dynamic lights!
* special wide box for missiles against monsters
+ larger rocket radius
+ slow motion screwups
+ nailgun stops rotating when riding a plat
+ stuck roll angle
use knight kneeling frames
zombie crucified frames
looping sound while invisible
make running direction changes smoother
error check all file opens?
load temp file on stack if possible?
put auto aiming back in?
move rule checking to end of frame
quicksave / quickload
dissallow spawn parms on deathmatch
make connect to server send version number
make temp entities auto remove
no body que?
water up swim speed
tim was getting stuck in deathmatch
John Carmack's .plan for Apr 21, 1996
* fixed texture animation cycling roundoff bug
* fixed up missile clipping
* fixed super spike -1 ammo and use 3 ammo bugs
* checked deathmatch before precache on monsters
* jump out of water
* debounced jump
+ check extranious messages on connect
+ continuous looping sounds
+ button texture changing
+ state textures for buttons?
+ remove the legless / headless player death frames
why is shambler lightning funny colors under NS?
extra point radius shoots through walls
big sound cache for deathmatch
abort load command?
is max_health ever used in progs?
don't go to frag scoreboard when single player dies
clipping against surfaces causes multiple slime damages in multiplayer
treading water less bouncy
jetpack model is saved wrong
super size boss
John Carmack's .plan for Apr 23, 1996
* changed network update to client PVS specific
* fixed broadcast svc_setangle on player connect
* fixed "Message was extranious" connection bug
* partical fields
* invisibility model switching
* effects passing from server
* invincibility
+ self.modified is no longer needed with PVS updates
+ empty space back fill Z buffer bug
vertical aiming sometimes shoots at a farther object
over long latency lines, should shots come from the position the player
viewing, or the true position?
combine client->active and client->spawned into a client->state
backpack message should include weapon gainsed
throw monsters around from explosions
drop wizard by half gravity
make tri subdividing rasterizer based on screen size! (huge models go
american got a prog to crash
allow listen servers to have a sys_ticrate?
cut back on use of global host_client
new teleport surface warp
body que is broken
John Carmack's .plan for Apr 24, 1996
* muzzle flashes
* eat keys between levels
* added new pain frames for soldiers
* fix savegames with PVS update
* new status bar updates
* fixed packet overflow and noclip with PVS update
* synced zombie throws from exact position
* put in new ogre grenade
* no span lighting in subdivided triangle code
* better gibbing code
* vid_size for nextstep
* determined the hang is in the sound mixing loop never exiting
+ auto pause with console
+ more time for ogres before launching grenades
+ is restart doing a progrestart?
+ fix gib head bbox
+ head outside level
+ backpacks don't drop when floor is pulled out
+ movetype_missiles need to be intangible against owners
+ gib dogs
+ teleport flashes aren't in the pvs
+ soldier3 new pain frames
+ fix high framerate bug
minimum ambient light field for bmodels
make it easier to jump out of water
default water treading
better discrimination of slime and water
need to cycle allocations of temporary entities to prevent false reuse
repeating bounce sound on dropping plats
crush monsters extremely by plats
about to drown warning noise
load last savegame by default
monsters burn in lava
float particals from tport pads
don't switch to frag bar on single player death
slope lookup
got stuck in a downed zombie
make an error message in qcc for function calls inside a parm list
polygon torches
need to make impulses reliable, or looping sounds may not be killed
restart game with entrance spawn parms
allways test demos and savegames after a net change!
option to match ping times for fair deathmatches?
get bonus items on top of doors spawning deterministically
selective cheat for testing
John Carmack's .plan for Apr 25, 1996
* increased spread on super shotgun
* rewrote sound loading and mixing
* fixed sound refcounting bug
* fixed sound not playing bug
* fixed sound hanging bug
+ axe
colored lighting sample
lightning gun
light bmodels
don't let the view model go full dark
John Carmack's .plan for Apr 26, 1996
* bringing down console auto pauses in single player
* fixed ultra-slow motion console movement bug on bad bat file startup
* fixed slow motion when > 72 hz framerate
* added axe
* never change up to grenade or rocket launcher
* added lower sample rate and bit sound loading
* stored the fullbright index out in the colormap lump
* new enforcer pain frames / code
* added alternate animation sequences for textures
+ still running into spikes
+ fix host_framerate
+ drop backpacks when floor removed
bound ammo maxs on weapon pickup as well as ammo
diminish sounds through walls
partical puff and light flash from spike shooters
do a disk icon when caching
proper alias model bbox efrags
allow monster hearing at farther distances
animating texture speed control
slipgate lightning sprite
winking out door in tim6
pusher problem on smotte (climbing out of water on a bmodel)
need to allocate as large a sound cache as possible
wizards die on top of spikes in mid air?
doors shouldn't start move sound if blocked open
don't slide down slopes
cache alias models
John Carmack's .plan for Apr 27, 1996
* alternate texture animation sequences for depressed buttons
* dropped knight and ogre melee damage
* arbitrary texture axis on surfaces through all the utilities
+ remove .modified
+ need to make qbsp do 256 subdivision based on texture axis
+ monsters still hit pathcorners when hostile
+ demon jumps don't do damage
triggering an open door still makes a noise
allow turning off styled lights
QuakeEd texture x size field is clamping at 64 min
faster mouse forward/backward?
is it jumping higher when running?
gun puffs still hit sky
get all visible entities into the low 256 or 128 edicts
force low quality sounds on low memory machines
still have some light edge blobs
John Carmack's .plan for Apr 29, 1996
* fixed light sample determination for all rotations and scales
* pulled wizard shot starts inside bounding box
* fixed demon jump damage
* objects never clip against their owner, and vice versa
* ogre pain frames
* fix pathcorner bug
* don't let monsters see into water
* don't allow dead monsters to be used by triggers
* reset player's gib head to proper bounding box
* gib dogs
* killed avelocity when bounce objects stop
* toss objects drop with plats now
* remove progrestart
* wizard spikes don't fire if dead
* make wizard drop altitude
* better stereo seperation
+ check message triggers
alpha qlumpy still has wrong type numbers
help screen?
auto reload savegame
add pak building to qcc
let doors target other items
guys gibbed by boxes go to no such frame?
is axe view skipping frames?
do player pain frames cause weapon frame skipping?
highlight current weapon in status bar
dynamically light bmodels
swimming motion
explosions need to reveal secrets
John Carmack's .plan for Apr 30, 1996
* clamp health and ammo on level changes
* removed modified field from edicts
* added pause before ogre first attack
* counter triggers don't fire on -1 or less
* added "give" command for testing
* added highlight on active weapon on status bar
* fixed message triggers
* styled light now correctly light alias models
* restart level with entering items
* increased rocket radius damage
* new swimming code
* changed sizedown aspect ration to mimic full screen instead of status
fix progrestart
sound streaming
klook is broken
don't slide on slopes
optimize server code more
get fakeplayer spots working again as monster targets
longer pause for ogre first shot
knights run up ramp on tim7 and stand in air
style light alias models
ogre only fall down when surprise pain
monsters should get angry at each other more often
increment sound channels so items never collide
hell knight
work on dogs
monsters sim up/down
jump triggers
low grav aiming ogres
throw monsters with explosions
per level-gravity setting
explosion cores
monsters take damage in lava
turn towards killer when dead
slope lookup needs to match stairs
no monster pain frames in ultra-hard mode
monster moves after killing player
disk icon during savegame
smooth center instead of snap center
sometimes multiple death sounds don't start
don't use stdio lib from savegame
"player switches to " messages
info bar in single player: current secrets, kills, level name, etc
load game unpauses
pick up own grenades without explosions?
monsters fight each other after player death
allways switch to picked up weapons
switch to super weapons automatically?
light styles in savegame
prog access uninitialized edict field causes bus error
get 64 bit clean (progs overlay pointers and floats)
allow multiple pack files
John Carmack's .plan for May 01, 1996
* background noise track code
* fixed swimming nan bug
* fixed Sandy's quakeed crahser
* QuakeEd: turn region off when going to new map
* automatic sound decimation based on available memory
* explosion sprite cores
* QuakeEd: don't go to worldspawn
* qcc is now fully recursive
* buttons only pressable by player
+ the explosion cores are still MOVETYPE_TOSS, not MOVETYPE_NONE
+ set gravity on secret level
+ host_framerate cvar is broken
+ shootable buttons
+ wizards on paths go to wrong heights
+ make knights not move when in melee range
+ light styles in savegames
+ QuakeEd: filter world
+ QuakeEd: remove check for filtered brush
fish fly out of water
make door triggers not box sized
check respawning on tim5 armor that drops down
make an end of frame call for each player
allow sprites to have a faked forward Z value? allways?
key alias models
John Carmack's .plan for May 02, 1996
* changed grenade cores to MOVETYPE_NONE
* set gravity in worldspawn
* fixed host_framerate
* stopped sounds before server shutdown
* clear all controls on first client frame
*, viewmodel, viewframe, viewprev, viewnaext commands
* dropped ogre backpack to 2 grenades
* fail soft on video mode memory allocation
* checked console resize in vid mode set, so size messages never get lost
* shootable buttons
+ edge light seams
+ increase max packet size during development?
+ rotate dogs slower?
+ monsters drop to floor after teleport
+ need very obvious sound for sequence completion
+ model viewer inside quake
+ cache alias models, if only to help level to level change speeds
+ cache heap compaction
+ remove bsp->leaktest from QuakeEd
+ dog leaping
+ sight sound on monster use
+ allways switch to picked up weapons
+ blink weapon icons on status bar when picked up
+ climb out of water bug
+ water warp option in all vid modes
+ make qcc 64 bit clean by using doubles instead of floats on 64 bit
intermission levels
spritegen has funny pathname determination
demo fast forward
seperate impact from damage
combine some of the state flags in both client_t and server_t
ambient light option on bmodels
palette should be reset whenever console goes full creen
should all +- binding have the keyname prepended to avoid the multiple
seperate mouse scaling for turning and moving
make a "soundshot" option fortesting soundcode in ansi spec makefile?
raise / lower weapons
change weapon after firing last round
flying fish
change entity flags to effects
should host_error try to cleanup aborted servers and clients?
how many hunk allocs are there? save memory by combining?
QuakeEd: filter based on skill levels
check trigger firing when spawned inside one
remove input line completely when not accepting input
data checksums for remote servers
shrink net packet sizes
John Carmack's .plan for May 03, 1996
* reduced rocket refire rate
* removed ogre wait after awake
* added shambler pain finished time
* new caching code
+ staircase rail on tim6 needs to be taller
+ normal server disconnect is reported as a host_error
+ jrbase1 up arrow out of slime is near a step
+ bad changeup to green armor from yellow? level transition?
+ are demo playback speeds correct?
+ stair walking underwater
+ ogre explosions need cores
+ teleporting monsters left a statues
+ shootable buttons don't anger monters properly
+ cycle weapon command
+ pain channel is same as weapon channel
- cut swimming speed some
- go through more get up frames on zombie before failing
+ got stuck in a dropping zombie
+ wizads on paths drop to ground
+ torch models
+ remove keys on use
- different keys on status bar for different levels
+ all items in inventory need to blink on pickup
+ soldiers seeing into water on tim6?
savegames cause enemy items...
different color console fonts
monsters need to hear from farther away
think about patch / update plan
alternate surface warp
killing ogre while on falling platform left him in the air
better treading water
better search path handling
make a progs / models test directory for kevin
blink key icons on doors
default.cfg allways goes to knwon state
animate key icon on doors when failing to open
John Carmack's .plan for May 04, 1996
* allow "quake f:\quake\id1" for better ISDN development
* dynamic caching of alias models
* fix the surface cache size instead of letting it fluctuate
* explosion cores for boxes and ogre grenades
* transfer monster anger from button press
* fix trigger message printing for secret level
* added notouch flag for triggers
* added nomessage flag for counter triggers
* fixed secret counter triggers that are fired instead of touched
* fixed fired button activator handling
* fixed wizard path following
+ alias model torches...
+ don't spawn triggers for key doors, just use touch
+ make sound channel 0 never match
+ jrbase1: don't put guard inside ammo box, superhealth at end is no good,
bridge delay is wrong, can still fall into slime
+ debug the stdio library problems!
tim5 armor drop on ogre fucks up
remove UPDATE_BINARY and pushmove
make +_ key commands pass source as second parameter
cace console background?
more alert monsters?
demo cycling breaks netgames
automatic treading water
squish to bloody paste on interference
John Carmack's .plan for May 05, 1996
* removed player entity from own entity set
* fixed memory trash bug from not flushing surface cache before
* use all memory between the hunks as dynamic cache
+ dump time between levels
+ sticky bsp corner
+ fix wall jump scaling
+ better backpack messages
QuakeEd is doing something over the net on NXPings
bloody face health indicator?
don't pass angles, frame, etc on viewentity
rockets spawn past point blank
Single player names on qsockets are backwards
make dead player still solid to monsters to prevent seeing inside models?
John Carmack's .plan for May 06, 1996
* removed MOUSE1, MOUSE2, MOUSE3, added K_MOUSE1, etc for binding
* check for spurious mouse buttons
* fixed stair climbing underwater
* trigger_onlyregistered
* fixed door sound loopinhg problems
* button configuration
* made monsters stand still at point blank range
* idle view motion
* monsters get mad at each other on any damage
+ cache movement on hunk allocs
+ hi res modes with new code are broken
+ dead guy still firing / pushed into floor
+ fake pause causes problems when map from console
+ zombie shouldn't go into pain frame when down
+ change weapon command
+ is DMA left enambled in sound code?
respawning of items that dropped down with a plat
rocket points block plats
don't clear text on vid mode change
grenade bounced off ogre
bind # option for weird controllers
key sticking
investigate the vis problems
make monsters head for their spawn points after they kill the player
camera follow killer
destroy backpacks when doors close on them
lightning gun model
lightning gun no damage to shambler
does shambler bolt hurt monsters?
John Carmack's .plan for May 07, 1996
* fixed point / point missile interactions
* don't change weapons on pickup in deathmatch
* made vis 30% faster
* fixed falling in floor
* fixed and armor plated the jump out of water code
* fixed jump monkey climbing
* dissalow "kill" when allready dead
* all hell knight actions
* COM_LoadStackFile
* cache movement
* fixed shambler pain frame
+ stair climbing clipping against walls is messed up a bit
+ monsters need to drop to floor after teleport
+ menu01
+ loading on stack causes errors on dos
+ flashing disk icon
+ make caching perfect
+ monsters not fight each other if not seen player yet
+ make lighting gun consume cells
+ falling into floor bug
+ zombie clipping
+ cycling channel allocation
+ no Host_Error: for valid disconnect
+ body que isn't working
shooting rockets at point blank
deathmatch switch to better weapon again
lightning needs to pitch
control animating texture speed
need to cut the update message size
sfx volume option
player only checkbox for doors and triggers
launch lightning from exact spots
finalize HMD interface
repeating grenade bounce on some slopes
jump out of water automatically when swim up to an edge, no need to jump
new ground explosions
auto pitch went into look down for no reason
gib velocity reletive to damage?
John Carmack's .plan for May 08, 1996
* fixed crash on machines with no sound card
* made texmake grab new palette
* removed tent generated soudns from progs
* fixed enemy anger on damage
* sound channel 0 never overrides another sound
* basic blob
* light styles in savegames
* Cash's fix for savegame slowness
* door messages
* fixed door retriggering sound and mixed size letdowns
* changed zombie pain / clipping code
* enforcer backpacks and alt death frames
* trigger monsters play awake sound
* longer ogre aim time
* fixed checkattacks crossing water
* new bit coding on entity updates
+ lightstyles in savegames
+ broke multiple message triggers
+ key door sounds
+ messages on double doors
+ messages on secret doors
+ 3 digit frag bar
+ light edges
+ change weapon command
+ center print messages
+ hell knight slice
+ more wizard death frames
+ underwater noise
make gib entity rotation client side only
ambient level on doors
decouple weapon animations from pain, etc
light bmodels
point blank rockets
look at killer monster
swing weapons down
turn view when axe fighting
grenade destroy bodies
lightning/rocket shooter
swimming frames
teleport warping
teleporter surface warp
blow up corpses
get all visible enttites into low 128 or 256
John Carmack's .plan for May 09, 1996
* fixed door linking / messages / targeting
* remove onground after teleport
* fixed zombie pain and getting up inside players
* hell knights don't anger each other
* added source entity to prog traceline
* fixed point blank rocket bug
* new light sample point determination
+ no host_error on proper disconnect
+ change weapon
+ powerups
+ cell packs
+ fix pausing on menu / console
+ make key doors touch activated instead of triggered
+ lightning gun use ammo
+ word wrap consoke
+ monster jump triggers
- blob spit attack
is turning not happening when in contact with monsters?
client side lightning
lightning gun
enforcer bolt
more pain feedback
setting up the vid mode then changing levels can cause out of memory
give a spike when hit by spikeshooter
monsters burning in slime
hknight throw a spike occasionally when charging
demon jump down from higher
higher demon jumps
enforcers still see underwater
John Carmack's .plan for May 10, 1996
* fixed undead demon bug
* new main menu
* everything splashes on entering water
* bounded ammo on weapon pickup
* added cell models and stats
* Cash's screenshot error check
* Cash's Host_EndGame
* Cash's net packetsize bump
* disc icon during IO
* monster jump triggers
* cache optimizations in edge refresh
+ cycle new allocation numbers
+ make qcc do pack files to a destination
+ dog leaping
+ wizard death frames
+ death popping
+ step up wall clipping
+ crucified zombie
+ nudge weapons with sized down screens
+ 64 bit clean qcc
remove drop to floor?
make Quit go back to demos and reset controls for E3
lots of demos
slime damage for all monsters
pass PVS list to refresh instead of passing efrags
remap stupid entities (item_weapon)
sound for all monsters hitting ground
reset the bonus items in monsters
refix the rocket stuff after demo
John Carmack's .plan for May 11, 1996
* wizard death frames
* dog leaping
* make key doors touches
* increased air time by two seconds
* new keyboard pitch aiming aids
* crucified zombies
* cemter printing
+ tally monster deaths at end instead of counting at kills (monster on
+ parse \n out of messages
+ status bar feedback
+ klook
weapon dropping
weapon jumping
mess with configuration screen
move all messages into a language qc file
fix frag bar
some side velocity on death
check monster full turn before firing
check exit hang on beta machine
puff+light for spike shooters
tim5 armor fall on ogre bug
view track killer
enforcer bolts
less monster alertness when high or low
blob spawn ceiling
fix coop
John Carmack's .plan for May 12, 1996
* catch overbackoff in movement sliding code
* extended key/value size in utils
* added flame alias model
* \n in epair text
* fixed slope by wall false step in movement code
* hacked around sticky corner problem
* weapon/item flashing on inventory bar
* fixed soundinfo exploded on a no sound card system
* optimized snd paint and transfer
+ change weapon
+ jrstart: no fall in water by medium
+ demo loops
+ player stats on frag bar
+ nail gun alternating
+ cycle edict allocations
+ jrstart: light up black corners
+ clear center print when console drops
axe view tilt
better underwater bubble control
track killer
kick monsters off edges in pain/death
jump landing frames
new explosions
John Carmack's .plan for May 13, 1996
* weapon cuycling command
* trapped bug with maps without textures
* increase key/value size in QuakeEd
* qcc -pak option
* "flechettes" to nails
* added "killtarget" on all SUB_UseTargets
* secret doors do SUB_UseTargets
* secret door touch messages
* cycle entity allocation
* versioning in savegames
* save skill in savegame
* don't set onground when standing on another monster
* fixed loadgame during demo bug
* put falling crunch on voice channel so it overrides pain sound
* fopen demos inside packfile
* automatic ambient sounds
+ bad recursive explobox?
+ ambient sounder tents
+ tab stats
+ center print sequence stuff
+ demo files in packfiles
+ powerups
+ underwater looping sound
+ pass source as parm for +defs
coop start spot
don't accept mouse view when paused
"you got # shells" for item messags
seperate impact from damage
create pak files with search path?
tim5 drop item on monster bug
texture animation speeds
squash to paste
doubled "clearing memory"
parse /* */ comments in config files
explosion has bad colors in it
proof of purchase
lightning gun
treading water
looking down towards ground bug
deathmatch level transitions
better lava balls
is zbuffer precision maximized?
alias subdivider used wrongly in zoomin mode
permanently shifted view angle on restart
optimized single channel ambient mixing
are 0 volume sounds hanging around?
jrbase3 old bsp explosion
auto jump out of water
demo file version numbers
John Carmack's .plan for May 14, 1996
* fixed recursive barrel death
* new characters
* better ambient name parsing
* con_dpritnf for developer messages
* start messages out of maps
* directional touch triggers
* remove qtest license stuff
* fixed off by one error with ambient leaf calc
* level spawning messages
* clear input line every time console goes up
* moved all non-refresh vid.buffer access into draw.c
* removed alphalumpy -- use qlumpy
* automatic extension and dest file creation for qbsp
* merged id1 and id1_ development hierarchies
* Made QuakeEd projects directory independent
+ raven's bug map
+ static point ambients
+ hell knight smash
+ flameb1 - 11
+ explodes on manually going to bad map
+ play humm1 for teleport textures
+ parms for all + commands to identify source
blood/chunk spray direction from claw attacks
shootable base texture needs an off frame
lint the utilities
cache console background
make all jump trigger targets have a land sound
center menu in high res
slipgate animations
loading plaque, no console between levels
supress input line
fix timedemo with cycling demos
gun jerking
!cl.worldmodel is no longer valid?
mike signon messages stay in notify lines
break off anger at another monster if can't reach in ten seconds
debounce all keys?
center print level messages
still dropping pack in single player?
debug alpha modelgen
John Carmack's .plan for May 15, 1996
* fixed bug with cl.disconnect not clearing worldmodel
* linted and asnified qbsp/light/vis
* changed sbar update model
* powerup colors and icons
* fixed console ] gets messed up with escape/escape
* fixed weapon icon flash going from level to level
* solo console
* blob fly1-4
+ QuakeEd: don't allow retexture in wireframe mode
+ QuakeEd: clear wad on bad load
+ unfork qbsp
+ body que
remove any remaining static limits in qbsp
split client state into level - game - invocation
eyes on status bar for invisibility
accumulate damages so quad dmg shotgun can gib
optional FOV cull for modem?
super armor number
server send prog checksum to clients
fix hard coded location of status bar numbers in wad
Cash's teleporter issue
fake some angles to hide latency on movement
faster mouse forward/backward
+ QuakeEd: clear brush heights on new level
more edicts
toughen up shambler
no demon/demon blob/blob violence
hell knight anims
dopg death frames
outside level plays all ambient sounds isn't good anymore
demo loops crew multiplayer
give for powerups
make clip brush only models work
John Carmack's .plan for May 18, 1996
* make func_wall toggle frame on use
* QuakeEd: remove bsp->leaktest
* QuakeEd: filter world
* QuakeEd: remove clicked on regioned brush message
* QuakeEd: don't allow retexture in wireframe mode
* QuakeEd: new brush heights are now snapped to grid
* default .bsp extension to bspinfo
+ enforcer bolts
+ sound for all monsters hitting ground
+ 64 bit clean qcc
+ parms for all + commands to identify source
+ body que isn't working
teleport effect
global sfx volume option
frag bar highlight
permanently shifted view angle on restart
goddamn dos \r text shit in output from NT tools messes up NeXT tools
check for small area polygons and portals
John Carmack's .plan for May 20, 1996
* server sounds parameter specifies soundtrack
* fixed cursor bug when clearing input line on console raise
* fixed problem with e4 ambient (32 bit overflow)
* ambient teleporter sound
* snd_show debugging tool
* fixed underwater grenade sounds
* fixed shambler hold attack until in range
* ogre chainsaw on side swing
* claw meat spray
* f1 toggle help
* no end of level stats on empty levels
* fixed tilted head savegame bug
* don't drop backpack in single player
* wrote unpack utility
+ teleport static sound
+ refix rocket point blank
+ make fire animations non-syncronous
make MAX_PACKNAME define and error check against it
dissable qcache for release?
death/restart from loadgame
should mouse forward/backwards cause an auto-center?
load/save should not take full paths
ambient val on bmodels
dynamic lights on bmodels
fix demo cycle problems
player corner clipping can take too long
option to report any unfilled pixels (jrmed2)
QuakeEd: goto point in command window
monsters shooting you underwater
John Carmack's .plan for May 21, 1996
* passage research
* fixed static sound start with -nosound
* optimized SV_CheckBottom for easy case
* sound optimization
* fixed kill coutners for world kills
* pop blood trails up higher
* key doors need to have touch removed
* added volume cvar to post scale all sound
* underscale sound
+ make hell knight only send one dynamic light out
+ tim6: wordtype typo
+ bmodel pvs issue in tim6
shotgun sound has dead time at end
damage amp in jrbase1 is pointless
easy to use "is drive readahead" test
listen server bugs
menu sounds
weapon offsets are wrong again
damage amplifier bug
check cd removal issues
tighten muzzle flash
phantom nail boxes in tim6
heads get stuck in ceilings sometimes
is lightning owner set properly? sandy got stuck using the lighting gun
John Carmack's .plan for May 22, 1996
* complete mouse configuration: m_pitch, m_yaw, m_forward, m_side
* m_filter sample smoothing option
* split non clearable parts of client_state_t into client_static_t
* clear items at level exit
* make hell knight only send one dynamic light out
* fix klook
* smooth centerview
* properly handle multiple inputs on a button, got rid of +forward2, +attack2
* exit game text screen
* gave name to unconnected clients
+ make torch animation client side!!!
is near Z clipping of alias models a bad idea?
allow multiple packfiles to override one another
better ideal pitch on slopes
mouse pitch/strafe combo
look at redbook audio
restart shouldn't drop console.
check for reloading the same level.
noambient flag for low memory systems
check zone memory allocation for bindings
differentiate reconnect
allow up/down in water
swimming frames
print bindings option
more edge friction?
reletive volumes for each ambient sound
explicit bindings for key up / key down?
teamplay totals
level name in solo scoreboard
John Carmack's .plan for May 23, 1996
* fixed body que
* Michael's client side alias animations
* Cash's fix for net connects
* fixed bobbing pvs problem
* fixed on-edge water grey problem
* fixed console keys generating double release events
* fix new pitching recenter
* changed powerup effect to dim light
partial screen updates
bloody face?
player induced meat chunks
seperate soudntrack files into seperate download?
check sighting into water
scroll water textures?
accumulate shotgun damage for powerup gibbing
override help/sell and finale in registered pak
victory music
append sample rate to music filenames to match best
rename jrstart to start
rename the last I_ functions to sys_
cache textures?
dim out screen when menus are up?
comment line on menu screens
del in save field
scan for all id1*.pak at startup
reclaim entity string space after spawning
change mins/maxs from floats to shorts in bspfile
cut vertex numbers to shorts?
marksurfaces to shorts?
remove view model in weird FOVs
ammo boxes not vanishing after reload
change dynamic light attenuations for tighter spheres
prog def for shareware only version?
John Carmack's .plan for May 24, 1996
* added lookspring back
* fixed client PVS for checkclient to be from viewofs
* fixed no sighting underwater
* no tarbaby damage to each other
* blob explosion core
* cleared prog stack on prog error, so recursion pverflow doesn't give
* fixed shalrath pain frame bug
* settriggermodel() now does angle, movetype, and solid init
* reduced client to server packet size
* trigger_changelevel fires targets
* end of level stuff
write a multi-platfirn C shell script for makefiles
360 jump trigger
shootable triggers?
take away all screen effects at completion
intermission code
more monster awareness to nearby carnage
reduce monster accuracy with invisibility
high res centerings
remove counters if cheating
rename cheat codes
generalize button0 button1 to button 0 - button 7
dynamically reconfigure listen clients
weapon movement with screen aspect is broken
option to not pause the game while console is down?
longer underwater time in easy skill?
set registered flag
menu sound (pause issue?)
remove shootable invisible triggers?
go over all the prog code
gamma in options menu
allow attack to respawn as well as jump?
put end screen in gfx
killed by box restart bug
video mode set bug
finish invisibility in deathmatch
intermission cameras
QuakeEd view pos button
save polygons by filling inside of sky volumes
load / save game
monster on plat issues
good lightning gun
escape twice to remove console
centerspeed not used?
optional center on mlook release
need bigger surface cache in higher res modes
run direct from cd working path option
cull distant sounds / partical effects on the server side?
change vector view_ofs to scalar viewheight
is the view model pitching backwards?
non-thrashing precache?
rename host_client to sv_client
check surface cache size performance figures
John Carmack's .plan for May 25, 1996
* fixed savegame / phantom box bug
* fixed underwater
* allow monsters to sight other just-damaged monsters as clients
* fixed lookspring
+ secrets and kills are backwards
tighten dlight radius/attenuation
copy center prints to console
the portal bug
cue music on completion
John Carmack's .plan for May 26, 1996
* flipped secret and kill plaques
* finish solo scoreboard
* finale
* optimized CL_CalcAmbientSounds
* optimized ResampleSfx
* reduced index sizes in .bsp files
* flood filled away outside sky fragments in bsp files
+ fix cache dir
demo loop issues
modify qbsp to allow entities only option to generate new triggers
randomize intermission spots
conditional bars in jrstart?
teleport sprite
registration key
light bmodels
different quad damage effect
slipgate animations
lightning gun
general "no move" flag for player server C code
scaled texture lighting still has bugs
John Carmack's .plan for May 27, 1996
* moved ambient sound calculations to vis program
* moved file caching option to host_parms
* removed keybindings[1]
* added ambush flag to monsters
* made precache_* functions also return their parameter
* added precache_*2 functions for the registered version seperation
* modified qcc for -pak / -pak2 option to build shareware / registered
* random intermission_info selection
* automatic configuration saving
* angle 0 jump triggers
* fixed solo map name centering
artifact blinking before removal
deathmatch invisibility
blinking cursor for configuration screen
automatic config saving
sum quad damage for gibbing
shrink cl_entities to be cl_update_entities + cl_baselines
tim5 armor fall through bug
radius damage opening secret doors
only surpress autocenter when not on ground, not water check
clearing memory twice, allow baselevel to move if not connected
John Carmack's .plan for May 28, 1996
* QuakeEd: forbid dragging position / direction when textured
* constrained all file writes to the game directory to close security
* allow multiple pak files intermixed with directory trees in the search
* full specification with: -basedir, -game, -cachepath, or -path
* moved demo list to cls, fixed efrag bug on second demo playback
+ bring up menu on any input during demos
+ do "loading" plaque from demo to demo
+ demo transition problem
+ automatic pak grabbing frame game dir
+ saving while in a trigger field kills it?
bump edicts again
acknowledge all - command line parms as they are accepted?
QuakeEd: don't explode if /qcache isn't present
qcc option to re-bsp models and maps
shambler lightning needs to be exactly positioned
keybinding saving isn't right
claim all args from command line, or print warnings?
John Carmack's .plan for May 29, 1996
* any key in demos brings up menu
* demo transitions bring up loading plaque
* added timeout for loading plaque
* forced console away with loading plaque
* regular restart uses loading plaque
* disabled triggers now work properly after a savegame
* cleared edict before parsing to fix door beeping bug
* testing if(string) in qcc is not reliable, change to if (string != "")
* fixed loadgame cursor problem after saving a typed in name
* fixed dos savegame crash bug
* automatic pak0.pak pak1.pak etc loading from game directories
back to start after finishing each episode
episode finished items
ogre jumping frames
load bmodels by lumps for less memory damage?
does quake.qpr have to be in the root of the development directory?
crosshair option
wait on jump triggers?
drowning warning
cmd line load
reformat text on vid mode change
deathmatch level crossing
nightmare mode
death restart needs loading plaque
map name on savegame comment line
regular restart after a load game doesn't work
bound load pointer
swing up weapons
lightning gun
safe edict allocation failure
remove view model in wide FOV modes
give 9 faults
John Carmack's .plan for May 30, 1996
* automatic setting of the registered cvar
* demos play from pak file
* delay SCR_EndLoadingPlaque until after cache report
* added -minmemory parm for testing entry case
* stopped demo loop on demo load error
* stopped demo loop on connect and map
* zbuffer torch dropout bug fixed
* changed all remaining I_ functions to Sys_
* chase network issues
* colored light gel demo
remove bspleaktest from quake.qpr
can trigger_changelevel stuff two commands sometimes?
remove powerup shifts before intermission
gib code for the big monsters
give wizards (hknights?) need a muzzle flash
last_damage on zombie for cumulative gibs
new explosion
check min memory with large number of clients
better treading water
escape at a fulls creen console to restart demos?
allways run checkbox in options
instructions on configuration screen
fish attack
fish not leave water
finish invisibility
conditional registration message in jrstart
monsters die in slime
longer message triggers in jrstart
take dogs by ramp out in jrbase1
easier jump out of water
remove jsilly rbase1 bonus items
smotte light at start
loadgame from pulldown menu
amlev98 shambler needs red armor on easy level
for release: don't forget to remove "developer 1" cvar and bound cheats
John Carmack's .plan for May 31, 1996
* based load plaque removal on framecount instead of updates
* fixed crash bug with zerod notify lines
* load / save game menus converted to slots instead of file names
* end1 / end2 shareware / registered end screens
* triggered monsters no longer awake on invisible or notarget players
* broke out default.cfg from quake.rc
* fixed five way counter trigger message
* fixed push triggers to be frame rate independent
* translated spaces to _ in savegame comment to make stdio happy
* escape in keygrab now justs turns it off
* protected against recursive loop when Con_Printf inside
is model name caching being done correctly for the flushed world model
centerprint message delay times
fade screen behind menus
gib big monsters
cl itemgettimes aren't saved. do they need to be?
weapon nudges on different view sizes
slime ambient sounds
center everything in higher res modes
got stuck by explosion near zombies
return to jrstart stuff
amtest98 needs new teleport textures
reset defaults option
reset to defaults option
track down load failed comments
why do menu sounds ometimes not work?
combo look/strafe
fix lightning
push trigger directionality wierdness
John Carmack's .plan for Jun 01, 1996
* tracked loadgame problem to stack overflow
* removed console cursor if key_dest != key_console
* ignore all autorepeat keys except backspace
* removed the extra unit of padding around bmodels that caused them to
* build entity list for refresh instead of pushing efrags
* fixed cells not carrying from level to level
* nightmare skill item spawning is fixed
* old deathmatch rules by setting deathmatch 2
* options menu sliders
* moved gamma correction out of vid systems into view
+ shambler lightning needs pitch
- stop demo when menu comes up?
+ nightmare skill
+ integrate spritegen with
+ lookspring checkbox
+ make sure all menu options get saved
+ clear notify lines when in menu
increase surface cache size?
do knight swords do meat chunks?
centerspeed slider
John Carmack's .plan for Jun 02, 1996
* fish don't leave water
* merged new CD code
* shambler lightning pitch correct
* cut number of cells in half
* beam weapon entities only on client side
* fixed sliding death/no retart bug
* muzzle flash for wizards
+ regrab gold/silver keys on sbar
+ accumulate damage over a frame
+ dissalow more than two bindings to the same action
flymonster in wall test
jump cause center?
non-linear mouse movement reponse?
use 3 frames of gib3
start using pcx for all utilities
use slight for shambler setup
replace all item_weapon
lava damage on monsters
transition to intermission
warning sound on about to drown
don't end demo when player is in menu
John Carmack's .plan for Jun 03, 1996
* gate_boss, gate_episode
* item_sigil
* fixed demo transition forcing console and menu away
* setup for server transitions with connected clients
+ grab new explosions
+ console screen isn't coming down in deathmatch
+ non-pickup nails again
+ console cursor
+ check tim21
+ coop player starts
+ flip mouse y as a checkbox option
monsters aren't telefragged?
aim lighting gun up/down
connect while demo is running fucks up
sound for quad damage attack
accumulate damage
shoot flying gibs?
add new gibs
deathmatch intermission screen
talk message buffer doesn't erase with sized down screen
John Carmack's .plan for Jun 04, 1996
* allowed host_framerate to explicitly exceed the normal bounds
* reduced cls.state to ca_dedicated, ca_disconnected, ca_connected
* got consistant on when memory is dumped -- only at start, not end
* increaded MAX_VALUE to 1024 for longer text messages in entities
+ dlight bmodels
+ escape with console down brings up menu in addition to removing the
+ s_init should not be called on dedicated server
+ sound channel droppoff when lots going? combine torch sounds?
+ only allow two bindings to an action from menu
+ delete in options menu to unbind all
+ carry serverflags from level to level
+ make all items fire triggers
+ coop respawn
check dedicated, listen, loadgame, recorddemo, restarting, timedemo, and
demoloops with new server setup
make hit ground sound entity reletive
filling sky volumes causes rockets to explode on sky. fix somehow
make all teleporters have an "inactive" flag so an event makes them active
QuakeEd: top trace for shearing is at 2048, increase to 8192
remove relight for quad damage
remove leading K_ from keynames
player swimming frames
flash ammo counts after picking up bonus items?
shalrath doesn't attack zombies?
John Carmack's .plan for Jun 05, 1996
* coop is mostly working
* made snd_show give a total count
* combined static sounds of the same type
* demo record is now reord [demoname] [map]
* intermission takes all players in coop
* all players are invisible for coop intermission
* coop telefrag
* dead players are respawned on level change in coop
* don't bound clinet only systems to sys_ticrate
* fixed bug with monsters not sighting players after some level changes
* keys aren't picked up in coop
* moved colon on intermission
* cleared effects on player respawn
* fixed players 2+ not saving stuff on entering level
* coop colors follow from level to level
+ backspace / delete to remove bindings in options screen
+ coop quit doesn't send disconnect
+ super spike: s_spike
deathmatch weapon switching rules
blue sparks for lightning
check for splash before playing thump
center or scale menus in hi-res
change "gamma" to something else because of name clash with new djgpp
angle jump at demo start
coop should use solo scoreboard
alphabetize cvars / commands for tab completion
look for "backup past 0"
fix "gravity changed" message
powerup blinking
frozen demons?
timer on monsters mad at other players
John Carmack's .plan for Jun 06, 1996
* carry serverflags from level to level
* items fire targets when picked up
* different spikes for super, knight, and wiz
* removed requirement that triggers have a target
* removed all references to update_type
* lightning gun underwater explosion removes currentammo
* fixed bug in fat pvs that caused entire world to show on some frames
*.5 trigger only teleporters
* delete key bindings and prohibit tripple bindings
* blured savegame line
* don't allow cmd buffer sizebuf overflow
* behind menu fade
* seperate cursors for console and menu
* changed entity spawning to spawn-as-loaded
* move light entity hack to pogs
* draw sigils on status bar
+ remove self.running?
+ portal creation bug
+ make lightning gun more damaging again
+ sigil things on status bar
+ signon1 when at 1
+ weapon nudges
+ player faces
+ put talk.wav back in
+ wait before allowing intermission exit
+ teleport ambient sound?
quad damage liughtning explosion
menu4.wav for slider
make a generic signon stream and subdivide svs.signon more
velocity through levels?
all projectiles need a t ent
finish axe up
pickup weapons while firing bug
tick sound when pressing an unbound key?
escape back through menus
loadgame removes enemy state?
deathmatch intermission
texture animation speeds variable
use different exiting water sound
John Carmack's .plan for Jun 07, 1996
* three levels of gib velocity
* accumulate damage to allow gibbing with shotguns when powered up
* radius damage opens secrets
* get Michael's bmodel lighting code
* moved notarget check into progs code
* removed self.running from progs
* fixed weapon fov nudges, moved super shotgun
* status bar faces
* fixed single player loading plaques
* auto center if on bmodels
* sound and cd audio have big banners if not configured
* grunt muzzle flash sync with attack
* darkened blood
* dog head
* moved sound and cd init into non dedicated startup
* moved message printing to SUB_UseTargets (buttons get messages)
* moved delay to SUB_UseTargets so all activations can delay
* trigger_relay entity
* clear notify and center print when in menu
* added svs.changelevel_issued to prevent possible double changelevel
* changed NaN velocity / origin checks to warnings with clear to 0
+ take away stuff in jrstart
+ player head gib now has wrong view ofs
+ the tim5 bug
+ exactly position enforcer bolt launch
+ status bar faces
+ save game with powerups
+ monster target finding with prespawning is messed up
make activator a parm to use functions instead of a global
write a tool to search all maps for boolean queries on key/value pairs
reformat console with vid changes
start past skill select when returning to jrstart
connect to bad map, then to a good map gives no free clients
lava damage for monsters
shambler hand lightning
fade to intermission?
meat spray from axe attack
gamma prob at intermissions
make a model fullbright flag for torches
Add -safe for nosound, vidmode 0, exec default -nocdaudio, -nonet
kill zombies with axe
teamplay totals
doesn't auto center if head out of water
easier jump out of water
can't record net demos any more
solo status bar in dark font
key config names in dark font
print savegame comment line on save screen
are you sure? for quit
spawn explosion for lightning gun pop
invis face, invis + invuln face
monsters aren't allways facing target when firing
make the message prog functions take a destination: broadcast, static,
John Carmack's .plan for Jun 08, 1996
* teleport triggers UseTqargets
* fixed once triggers
* cleared static sounds between levels
* right justify options menu text
* cells became rockets on level cross
* changed teleport humm attenuation
* lookspring checkbox
* lookstrafe checkbox
* mouse y invert checkbox
* allways run checkbox
* made fov not a saved cvar
* wizspike and knightspike t ents
* take away stuff after completing an episode
* end of episode text
* head gib eye in floor bug
* blink cursor after messageboxes
+ everyone goes through the return teleporter in episode 4 jrstart
+ is bgm volume not working for cd?
+ make zoom a default configuration?
quad damage shotgun doesn't gib zombies
bonus item flashes
no menu sounds when disconnected
teleport ambient sound is no good
auto center when treading water
monster drowning
blaster mismatch warning is misformatted
axe kill zombies
new game loading plaque not showing
change zombie knock down code
reformat console on vid change
grenade launcher kicks too much
surface cache size in weird aspect ratio modes
prevent vid from allocing a big enough buffer to cause the next load to
deathmatch invis eyes
monster reduced accuracy during invis
push for red super spikes
monster death bubbles underwater?
change name back to quad damage
disconnect from netgame isn't being sent
remove coop cheating
centerprint time reletive to length?
centerprint "entering ..." on level entry
John Carmack's .plan for Jun 09, 1996
* boss damage only by lightning
* enforcer bolt positioning
* all gibs centered
* lava splash
* boss stop throwing when player is dead
* fixed cl_backspeed for always run checkbox
* fixed double talk sound on triggers
* retain options menu cursor pos
* nightmare mode: no attack_finished limits, and five second pain interval
* triggered door message bug
* weeded out the unused entities in misc
* consolidated the four remaining sprite scripts into a single file
* modified sprgen to allow multiple grabs in a single file
* grabbed new explosions
+ level 1 gib needs work
+ is clipping detection for asm sound mixing working right?
+ items falling through other items bug
+ item on moving object respawn bug
+ models aren't checking dlight decay time
+ fix
+ status active/max is reversed
coop against boss
make qlumpy parse qc files as source?
combine particals and temp entities
fix gib rules
slime burn down
check edict return type
flash weapon icons
John Carmack's .plan for Jun 10, 1996
* more velocity on level 1 gib
* no pain sounds when invincible
* reduced lava coor shift
* deterministically spawn items on bmodels
* objects on blocked train no longer fall through
* hell knights need muzzle flash
* fixed flame offsets
* three levels of screen update
* erase exact lines of centerprint
* shareware non-finale transitions
* crash in _SV_TouchLinks
* escape puts away console
* laodgame from demo
* backpacks in coop
* floating gibs
* made beta3 CDs
"restart" in coop game drops to dos
word wrapping needs to count extra notify lines
telefrag isn't working sometimes
put a save plaque up when game is saving
demon died on top of player, left in air when moved
door sounds are broken
registered message shouldn't print at all
menu hotkeys should return to game on escape, not main menu
quickload shouldn't drop to console
quit/end game confirmation
split door is playing talk wav
sound looping pop
weapon frames should be decoupled from pain frames
door touch
take the k_ out of configs
velocity between levels
display key bindings command
deathmatch intermission
door messages
zombie statues
constant look down pitch bug is multi player related
permanent head tilt in coop mode
connect while in demo is a bug
secret counts aren't broadcast
half dead player
frozen demon when dropped on player head
swimming frames
map e1m1 from a coop game gives loop qsocket used
all player model axe frames
sw version shouldn't allow path changes unless pop
John Carmack's .plan for Jun 11, 1996
* fixed the vis portalization order problem!
* allow attack to respawn as well as jump
* fixed faulting
* removed sprites directory and all references
* new qcc code for damage, should fix statue monsters
* new zombie pain code
hang on laptop sound init
boss needs to scan for coop players
centerprint powerup messages
change origin offset on fish for more fin
fish move fail on tcross surface should still allow xy move
fish should pull treading people underwater
make good spot for weapon change rules
8 bit sb output isn't using volume scale
slider sounds (esp for sound volume)
is e1m1 nailgun a trigger, or is it duplicated?
play sound or something after intermission will allow exit?
systems that translate blit need to update entire screen on palette
John Carmack's .plan for Jun 12, 1996
* limit sound buffers to 4k, add extra mix points and mix full buffer
* fixed only registered trigger messages
* boss shouldn't spawn in deathmatch
* cleared move commands across level transitions
* 8 bit sound output volume scaling
* key configuration didn't work for changeweapon "impulse 10"
* options menu now resets string values of cvars
* talk drawing properly updates with sized down screen
* clear net connection ques on new connection
* f5 cheat or's in items
* removed error for unconnected buttons
* power up status bar faces
* armor number
* increased surface cache size
* end of game text
* menu up/down wrapping
* Sandy's menu suggestions
* jrstart alternate start point if returning
* play track 3 on intermission
* drop backpacks in coop
* got deathmatch invisibility working
clip into sky problem
demon smashed a player stuck into a sloping wall
no cheat in coop
automatic listen 2
talk message printing code
door sounds
check fly/float move code
check weapon changing while firing
check messagemode bound keys
"restart" on a client of a net game crashes
serverflag only trigger
gib head positioning
ability to specify cd track on demo recording
coop use solo scoreboard
two presses to exit intermission
deathmatch intermission screen
harder nightmare
name and color should be saved as cvars
undead players? fixed with new death code?
QuakeEd: trigger texture setting should be automatic
add colors to dm scoreboard
forward changelevel commands?
good POP
add "serial/modem configuration" menu
John Carmack's .plan for Jun 13, 1996
* slider sounds in menu
* trigger counter's don't require targets now
* fixed blaster mismatch warning message
* net start menu
* enter on full key config clears
* ogre gib
* quad damage face
* quad damage powerup cheat
* all gib heads
* removed K_ from key names
* bind with no parms reports the current value
can't give
try partical effect for teleporters
remove forward to server commands, use impulse for all?
old rule deathmatch option in menu
head in wall again
no cheat in coop
connect from demo
checksum pak directory for shareware version
shambler, wizard, ogre, voor heads
allow arrow key repeats?
item respawn on bmodel bug
pitch jerk at startup sometimes.
stuck heads bug
"no messages" option
axe weaponframe switch problem
make "dropped datagram" a developer only printf
player thump for ogre falling?
centerprint entering message
variable ceterprint wait time
double nightmare attacks
disallow new game during multiplayer?
no player crush to point
sinking into plats
coop through episode end
allow typing in savegame comment
fix talk message display code
keep commands in doubly linked MRU list to avoid linear scan?
multiplayer end of episodes hang?
centerview doesn't work in water
make sure all menu vars are in default.cfg
John Carmack's .plan for Jun 14, 1996
* removed all use of ai_dead in progs
* fixed nailgun fire order
* fixed double press to exit intermission
* fixed sliding dead player bug
* fix bonus item respawn on dropping plat
* zombies don't go down again if already on the way down
* fixed ambient sound looping problem
* show looping sounds lin soundlist
* combined rocket impact and explositon damage for reliable gibs
* fixed stuttering on dropped packets
* set teleport death size properly
easier gib from rockets for players
check telefrag for multi players stuck
is sound buffer not being properly cleared?
menu sounds
dissallow some server forward messages
internet reliable messages getting backed up?
check for hard packet overflows
flash items on status bar
stop using gfx.wad?
pickup rules
teleport into monsters bug
change away from axe bug
John Carmack's .plan for Jun 15, 1996
* handle escape special to prevent unbinding, and pass through to menus
* allow attack to restart as well as jump
* copied more cmd_argv through recursion
* boss lead player in hard mode
* removed blaster warnings on v4 cards
* blinking icons
* protect all cvars and commands that could be deathmatch cheats
* mvoed squish obit before fell to death
* fixed static sound false combining bug
* randomize axe swings
* never go into pain frames during weaponframes
* combined axe damage frames
* prevent bmodel teleport
* registered trigger only accepts players
* fixed activated door beeping
* fixed linked door messages
player crushed on e1m2 bug
make enter play slide noise on menu item adjustments
no head bobbing when dead
gib head look around
sink into rising plats
hack check for stuck
no such frame for gibbed dog head
bmodel dissapearing problem in e4m6
gib by damage isntead of negative health
option for listen servers to send out less packets?
crank menu3 sound up in volume
teleported monster flag
fill sky volumes differently?
shambler lightning hand frames
top line of console is not clipped correctly
door sounds / messages
weapon change rules
no gravity when in solid volume
double shots for monsters in nightmare mode
use multiple help screens
swim bubbles on forard move as well as jump
John Carmack's .plan for Jun 16, 1996
* removed hard coded number order for sbar
* moved palette and colormap to discrete lumps
* all help screens
* delay enter sound until after menu frame drawn
* delated recursive spawn death
* changed sound override rules to prevent monsters from eclipsing player
* delay monster use reaction to guarantee sound after teleport
* added reliable_datagram
* fixed powerup respawning
* clear all of sv in spawn server
* heads bounce from telefrag
* fixed sizing bug with telefragging
* fixed force retouch bug
* bodyque objects get movetypes
player lightning source 16+ higher
check dead player coop transition
talk message needs to clear background
dissallow save from intermission
different default player colors?
kick clients off if unsent message gets too big
powerup flashes
demon and shambler rethink between claws
make boss face direction of throw
deathmatch weapon switching
double shots for monsters in nightmare mode
hot key menus should return to game with a single escape
item respawn with no pickup problem
floating heads
view center snapping
deathmatch intermission screen
directory checks
no frame bug with eyes
head floating in air
reliable broadcast
no exit option for persistant deathmatch servers
statue monsters
change pak files to pakS0 pakR0
triggered teleporters aren't working reliably
play sound when menu goes away
local sounds die sometimes
teleport effect
sounds on locked doors
pops at end of sound buffer: not mixing entire thing?
exp.tri spawn explosion frame
func_episodegate print messages
teleporter articles
fix "load failed" message
coop savegames
lightning gun on secret doors.
explain "kill" in manual
explain dedicated servers for large coop games in manual
John Carmack's .plan for Jun 17, 1996
* lighttning gun always activates secrets now
* fixed coop level to level bug when player is dead
* added final character animations
* only server can changelevel or restart
* fixed scoreboard color bars
* fixed spawn death
* changelevel from client faulted
* pop verification
* pak crc
* min shells on level transition
* voor spike
* coop use solo scoreboard
* teleport particals
* menu sounds
*? view center snapping
* scoreboard flags in higher res
* dm weapon pickup rules
* easier jump out of water
* cd track change at finale boss
* changed center print position for very long text messages
* force cd track on demos
+ -14 cells????
new sky filling
client enter time
end of e4 text crash
deathmatch game exits should stay at intermission
multiplayer boss ai
axe impact sound
rock ogre
stuck spawn
shambler recheck
coop savegames
talk message drawing
broke teleport sounds
stuck problem
water stuck
different pak naming structure
combine mo strip build
John Carmack's .plan for Jun 18, 1996
* fixed cells dropping below 0 with new lightning gun animation
* tighteneed teleport particals
* big hack to catch rare stuck occasions
* prevent save in intermission
* unbindall command
* fixed strip makefile
solo scoreboard not centered
jump out window while looking down looses auto-centering?
drop zombie, then crush it = unkillable zombie
changelevel with a dead server can take away shotgun/axe
knight first damage is too early
John Carmack's .plan for Jun 19, 1996
* fixed "no such frame" invis bug
* coop target tradeoff
* boss target tradeoff
* moved knight damage frames by one state each
* cl_signon messages are now developer only
* changed hell knight hit sound to sw data
* allow onolyregistered triggers to be used as killtriggers
* fencepost bug on name lengths
* added S_ExtraUpdate to Draw_FadeScreen
* ignore nointermission in deathmatch
* notifications for quit and new game
* created 0.9 SW RC distribution
tilde key doesn't type (unbindall)
monster counting bug
net can fuck up with a join
don't let demos change while in a menu
menu sounds still don't work in all cases
play menu sound on escape from menu
stuck spawn
disallow angle change during demo
nail messages say "fell to death"
rewrite buggy centering code
rewrite buggy point squashing code
color coded backpacks
no finale when deathmatching
John Carmack's .plan for Jun 20, 1996
(Shareware release, june 20th missing)
* fish do damage
* fixed lightning prog crash after killing boss
* added ctrl-alt-del check in key_event
* found problem with saving com port enabled in config files
* drop fish hp
* added samelevel flag for persistant servers
* auto advance to next level in ruled deathmatch
* deathmatch rankings show for 5 sec minimum
new game should bring up loading plaque
rewrite buggy screen management
big t dest
pain field on shub
stand in in center
turn off messages option
John Carmack's .plan for Jul 01, 1996
Quake is out. Finally.
I think the end product is damn good, and I am proud of my 18+ months of sweating over it. I hope lots of you enjoy the shareware levels enough to register :-)
While there will probably not be any about-faces in technical decisions, Quake will definately be growing and expanding over the next year or so as we gauge the user community reaction and release updates and the inevitable sequal.
Some work that will be going on in the near future:
Fixing any serious problems with Quake 0.91.
Release of tools and source code for user prog coding and level building.
Writing a new map editor for win/NT + open GL Porting Quake to native win32 + DirectX
Porting Quake on the metal to some 3D accelerator boards.
Writing a proper full radiosity replacement for the light utility.
Reasonable user suggested improvements (keep it in the discussion groups please, I get enough mail as it is)
Speed enhancements in the polygon model path.
Adding support for various gadgets -- HMDs, controllers, maybe other sound cards, etc.
And of course... The Next Generation Technology. (no, I won't give you a code name to talk about!)
Vacation? I don't need a vacation!
John Carmack Id Software
John Carmack's .plan for Aug 02, 1996
Here is The New Plan:
I copied off the quake codebase and set about doing some major improvements. The old v1.01 codebase will still be updated to fix bugs with the current version, but I didn't want to hold back from fixing things properly even if it involves some major changes.
I am focusing on the internet play aspect of the game. While I can lay out a grand clean-sheet-of-paper design, I have chosen to pursue something of a limited enough scope that I can expect to start testing it around the end of the month (august). I still have my grand plans for the future, but I want to get some stuff going NOW.
The code I am developing right now is EXCLUSIVELY for internet play. It will be rolled back into the single player game sometime along the road to Quake 2 (or whatever it turns out to be called), but the experimental QuakeWorld release will consist of seperate programs for the client and the server. They will use the same data as the current registered quake, so the only thing that will be distributed is new executables (they will peacefully coexist with current quake).
There will be a single master server running here at id. Whenever anyone starts up a server, it will register itself with the master server, and whenever a client wants to start a game, it will inquire with the master to find out which servers are available.
Users will have a persistant account, and all frags on the entire internet will be logged. I want us to be able to give a global ranking order of everyone playing the game. You should be able to say, "I am one of the ten best QuakeWorld players in existance", and have the record to back it up. There are all sorts of other cool stats that we could mine out of the data: greatest frags/minute, longest uninterrupted quake game, cruelest to newbies, etc, etc.
For the time being, this is just my pet research project. The new exes will only work with registered Quake, so I can justify it as a registration incentive (don't pirate!).
If it looks feasable, I would like to see internet focused gaming become a justifiable biz direction for us. Its definately cool, but it is uncertain if people can actually make money at it. My halfway thought out proposal for a biz plan is that we let anyone play the game as an anonymous newbie to see if they like it, but to get their name registered and get on the ranking list, they need to pay $10 or so. Newbies would be automatically kicked from servers if a paying customer wants to get on. Sound reasonable?
Technical improvements.
The game physics is being reworked to make it faster and more uniform. Currently, a p90 dedicated server is about 50% loaded with eight players. The new network code causes a higher cpu load, so I am trying to at least overbalance that, and maybe make a little headway. A single p6-200 system should be able to run around ten simultanious eight player servers. Multiple servers running on a single machine will work a lot better with the master server automatically dealing with different port adresses behind the client's back.
A couple subtle features are actually going away. The automatic view tilting on slopes and stairs is buggy in v1.01, and over a couple hundred millisecond latancy connection, it doesn't usually start tilting until you are allready on a different surface, so I just ripped it out entirely. A few other non-crucial game behaviors are also being cut in the interest of making the physics easier to match on the client side.
I'm going to do a good chat mode.
Servers will have good access control lists. If somebody manages to piss off the entire community, we could even ban them at the master server.
The big difference is in the net code. While I can remember and justify all of my decisions about networking from DOOM through Quake, the bottom line is that I was working with the wrong basic assumptions for doing a good internet game. My original design was targeted at <200ms connection latencies. People that have a digital connection to the internet through a good provider get a pretty good game experience. Unfortunately, 99% of the world gets on with a slip or ppp connection over a modem, often through a crappy overcrowded ISP. This gives 300+ ms latencies, minimum. Client. User's modem. ISP's modem. Server. ISP's modem. User's modem. Client. God, that sucks.
Ok, I made a bad call. I have a T1 to my house, so I just wasn't familliar with PPP life. I'm adressing it now.
The first move was to scrap the current net code. It was based on a reliable stream as its original primitive (way back in qtest), then was retrofited to have an unreliable sideband to make internet play feasable. It was a big mess, so I took it out and shot it. The new code has the unreliable packet as its basic primitive, and all the complexities that entails is now visible to the main code instead of hidden under the net api. This is A Good Thing. Goodbye phantom unconnected players, messages not getting through, etc.
The next move was a straightforward attack on latency. The communications channel is not the only thing that contributes to a latent response, and there was some good ground to improve on.
In a perfect environment, the instant you provided any input (pressed a key, moved a mouse, etc) you would have feedback on the screen (or speaker) from the action.
In the real world, even single player games have latency.
A typical game loop goes something like: Read user input. Simulate the world. Render a new graphics scene. Repeat.
If the game is running 15 frames a second, that is 66 ms each frame. The user input will arive at a random point in the frame, so it will be an average of 33 ms before the input is even looked at. The input is then read, and 66 more ms pass before the result is actually displayed to the user, for a total of nearly 100 ms of latency, right on your desktop. (you can even count another 8 ms or so for raster refresh if you want to get picky).
The best way to adress that latency is to just make the game run faster if possible. If the screen was sized down so that the game ran 25 fps, the latency would be down to 60ms. There are a few other things that can be done to shave a bit more off, like short circuiting some late braeking information (like view angles) directly into the refresh stage, bypassing the simulation stage.
The bearing that this all has on net play, aside from setting an upper limit on performance, is that the current Quake servers have a similar frame cycle. They had to, to provide -listen server support. Even when you run a dedicated server, the model is still: fetch all input, process the world, send updates out to all clients. The default server framerate is 20 fps (50 ms). You can change this by adjusting the sys_ticrate cvar, but there are problems either way. If you ask for more fps from the server, you may get less latency, but you would almost certainly overcommit the bandwidth of a dialup link, resulting in all sorts of unwanted buffering in the routers and huge multi thousand ms latency times as things unclog (if they ever do).
The proper way to address this is by changing the server model from a game style loop to a fileserver/database style loop.
Instead of expecting everyone's messages to be dealt with at once, I now deal with each packet as it comes in. That player alone is moved forward in time, and a custom response is sent out in very short order. The rest of the objects in the world are spread out between the incoming packets. There are a lot of issues that that brings up. Time is no longer advancing uniformly for all objects in the world, which can cause a lot of problems.
It works, though! The average time from a packet ariving at the system to the time a response is sent back is down to under 4ms, as opposed to over 50 with the old dedicated servers.
Another side benefit is that the server never blindly sends packets out into the void, they must be specifically asked for (note that this is NOT a strict request/reply, because the client is streaming request without waiting for the replies).
I am going to be adding bandwidth estimation to help out modem links. If quake knows that a link is clogged up, it can choose not to send anything else, which is far, far better than letting the network buffer everything up or randomly drop packets. A dialup line can just say "never send more than 2000 bytes a second in datagrams", and while the update rate may drop in an overcommited situation, the latency will never pile up like it can with the current version of quake.
The biggest difference is the addition of client side movement simulation.
I am now allowing the client to guess at the results of the users movement until the authoritative response from the server comes through. This is a biiiig architectural change. The client now needs to know about solidity of objects, friction, gravity, etc. I am sad to see the elegent client-as-terminal setup go away, but I am practical above idealistic.
The server is still the final word, so the client is allways repredicting it's movement based off of the last known good message from the server.
There are still a lot of things I need to work out, but the basic results are as hoped for: even playing over a 200+ ms latency link, the player movement feels exactly like you are playing a single player game (under the right circumstances -- you can also get it to act rather weird at the moment).
The latency isn't gone, though. The client doesn't simulate other objects in the world, so you apear to run a lot closer to doors before they open, and most noticably, projectiles from your weapons seem to come out from where you were, instead of where you are, if you are strafing sideways while you shoot.
An interesting issue to watch when this gets out is that you won't be able to tell how long the latency to the server is based on your movement, but you will need to lead your opponents differently when shooting at them.
In a clean sheet of paper redesign, I would try to correct more of the discrepencies, but I think I am going to have a big enough improvement coming out of my current work to make a lot of people very happy.
John Carmack's .plan for Aug 08, 1996
Romero is now gone from id.
There will be no more grandiose statements about our future projects.
I can tell you what I am thinking, and what I am trying to acomplish, but all I promise is my best effort.
John Carmack's .plan for Aug 10, 1996
QuakeWorld structural addendum:
After hearing many arguments against the single master server, ranging from coherent and well reasoned to paranoid whining, I now agree that the single global master server isn't sufficient.
During the R&D phase, there will still be only the single server, but after all the kinks get worked out, I will allow a small number of sites to run private master servers. This will not be a general release, but only to properly licensed third parties. That will still allow me to collect my 100% coverage data, and it will prevent a single network/computer/software failure from preventing all QuakeWorld play.
QuakeWorld technical addendum:
I am reining in the client side prediction to a fairly minimal amount. It has too many negative effects in different circumstances. The problem of running away from or in front of your missiles was so bad that I considered simulating the missiles on the client side, but that is the second step on a slippery slope. If just the missiles were simulated, then a missile would fire through an enemy until the server informed you it exploded on them. Then you consider simulating interactions, but then you have to guess at other player inputs (which is hopeless)...
Lesson learned: Simulating 300 ms on the client side in a Quake style game is just out of the question. It probably works fine for flight sim or driving sims, but not in out twitch reaction games.
I am currently using client side simulation to smooth out the beat frequency interactions between server packet arrival and client frame times. In the shipping version of Quake, some latency was introduced on purpose to keep the displayed frame simulation time between the last two packets from the server so that the variability in arrival time could be smoothed out. In QuakeWorld, I am always starting with the most current packet, and using simulation to smooth out the variability. This <100ms of client side motion seems to be very manageable, and cuts out some real latency as well as doing the gueswork.
It looks like I am going to split the QuakeWorld client into multiple threads to reduce the avg 1/2 frame latency between input and packet sending. This is also a step towards building a multi-threaded Quake renderer, which will let multi-cpu NT machines render twice as fast. Lets hope the windows thread scheduler is decent...
I have been cutting down the message sizes a bit here and there as well. On a modem link, every couple bytes I save translates into a millisecond of latency saved. I cut an average of 17 bytes from the server to client and 8 from the client to server today.
John Carmack's .plan for Aug 12, 1996
Apogee's Prey team (and Duke's Levelord) leave 3drealms to work with Quake technology as Hipnotic Interactive.
John Carmack's .plan for Aug 13, 1996
I am considering increasing the default sv_friction value for QuakeWorld from 4 to 6 or 8.
It might take a little getting used to, but I think it gives more precise control for wide area network play.
If anyone wants to run some experiments with different friction levels on a current Quake server, I would be interested in hearing some feedback.
John Carmack's .plan for Aug 17, 1996
The remote server console commands are fully implemented for QuakeWorld.
To allow remote administration, the server must set the "password" cvar. By default, remote administration is turned off.
On a client, if you set the "password" cvar to the same value, you can issue "rcon" commands to the remote server :
rcon <server command> <arguments> ...
You can go to different levels, shut the server down, change cvars, ban people, etc. The output from the command is redirected over the net and will be echoed on the remote console.
You can also execute commands without even connecting to the server (if it was full) by setting the "rconadr" cvar to the full internet address (including port) of the system you want to administer.
2:00 in the morning:
My testarossa snapped another input shaft (the third time). damn dman damn. >1000 HP is bad for your drivetrain.
John Carmack's .plan for Aug 18, 1996
QuakeWorld supports two types of filtering: IP packet filtering and user id filtering. Userid filtering is the most convenient way to keep a specific person off of a server, but because anyone can create as many accounts as they want, a malicious user could just keep logging back in with a new account. If their ip address is banned, they won't be able to log on with any account from that computer. Unfortunately, most dialup accounts give a different ip address for each connection, so you may be forced to ban an entire subnet to keep a specific person off.
You can add or remove addresses from the filter list with:
addip <ip> removeip <ip>
The ip address is specified in dot format, and any unspecified digits will match any value, so you can specify an entire class C network with "addip 192.246.40".
Removeip will only remove an address specified exactly the same way. You cannot addip a subnet, then removeip a single host.
iplist Prints the current list of filters.
writeip Dumps "addip <ip>" commands to iplist.cfg so it can be execed at a later date. The filter lists are not saved and restored by default, because I beleive it would cause too much confusion.
filterban <0 or 1>
If 1 (the default), then ip addresses matching the current list will be prohibited from entering the game. This is the default setting.
If 0, then only addresses matching the list will be allowed. This lets you easily set up a private game, or a game that only allows players from your local network.
John Carmack's .plan for Aug 22, 1996
The rendition 3d accelerated version of Quake looks very good.
The image quality is significantly better than software - dithered, bilinear interpolated textures, and subpixel, subtexel polygon models.
It is faster than software even at 320*200, and at 512*384 it is almost twice as fast.
We do take a bit of a hit when we have to generate a lot of 16 bit surfaces, so occasionally the framerate gets a bit uneven, but overall it is a very solid improvement.
John Carmack's .plan for Aug 27, 1996
I haven't been working on QuakeWorld for the past week, because Michael has been working on the rendition port, which backburnered the win32 native port, which is a prerequisite for the QuakeWorld release.
Instead, I have been working on some better graphics code.
I now have a radiosity replacement for ligting quake maps. This will have a good effect on our Quake 2 maps, but probably won't be feasable for homebrew use.
I am finishing up a shadow volume pre-subdivision stage right now, and I need to do the resampling to quake light maps a bit better than I currently am, but I am very pleased with how it has turned out. A lot of the work will play into the next generation (NOT quake 2) game technology, for things like colored radiosity and dynamic shadows, but it is still cool just for calculating quake light maps.
Instead of placing lots of floating light entities, certain textures are tagged as being light emitters, so if you draw a flourecent light in the ceiling, it will automatically emit light from it's entire area. Lava emits light from the entire surface.
The simulation of the light is realistic now, instead of just hacked together. Light reflects off of surfaces, so ceilings will get lit even if there is no light pointing directly at them. The way light flows around corners looks eerily realistic.
I fixed the sky volumes so missiles dissapear inside them again, which was necessary to implement a new lighting feature: you can specify the position of the sun (or moon) in degrees, and the amount of light it will emit. The light then comes out completely parallel and at a constant intensity, passing through sky volumes to light up all outdoor areas in a consistant way. (this could be retrofited onto light.exe for people unable to run qrad)
Now for the bad news: a full size level takes several minutes to process on our quad alpha, and you MUST do a vis before running qrad (otherwise it would take about 1000 times longer). This wouldn't be out of reach even on mortal pentium systems (you can ask for a rough aproximation instead of the full job), except for the working set size. >100 megs. I'm NOT being wasteful here, either. I use a halved bit array for visibility interconnects, and sparse scaled shorts for energy transference.
I will release the source after we have been using it in production for a while, in case anyone wants to take a shot at reformulating it to be less memory intensive. It would be possible to get it down to 32 megs with some reduction in quality and a lot more wasted time, but then the run time would be obnoxious. I expect homebrew levels are going to have to stick with light.exe.
I am looking forward to doing a little more work on the other utilities as well. I want to break qbsp up into three seperate programs, so it will be able to run on machines with <32 megs of memory. Light can be sped up significantly if the PVS information is taken advantage of the way I did in qrad. I also have some theories on changing the algorithmic order of full vis processing time that I want to look into, especially now that the vis stage is put before production lighting.
John Carmack's .plan for Sep 03, 1996
I have been cleaning up the utilities for another release (soon) where everything is in Visual C++ project format. All of the common code is now included from the same place, so adding support for pcx or 3d studio files will only require changes in one file now for all utilities.
I made a few simple changes to qcc, and it now compiles FOUR TIMES FASTER! A recompile on my pp200 only takes 5 seconds now. I knew the linear search for defs was hurting, but if I had realized it was that dominant (and easy to fix) I would have fixed it a long time ago. All I had to do was move defs to the head of the search list each time they were looked for, so they would be found fast the next time. A big hash table might be somewhat faster still, but this was trivial to add.
Qbsp now uses floats instead of doubles by default, which makes it a good deal less of a memory pig, but it seems to give numerical accuracy problems in some cases.
I am splitting qbsp up into three seperate programs, which will make the memory requirements much smaller than they are now, and will help me be more numerically rigorous. This is going to take some time, so it won't be in the next code release.
John Carmack's .plan for Sep 10, 1996
Ok, I'm back on QuakeWorld.
While working on the new chat console, I fixed up a few little things with the regular console:
The pgup/pgdn keys now autorepeat.
The display does not pop down to the bottom when a new line is printed.
If you aren't at the bottom, a few ^ ^ ^ are printed on the last line.
There is now a message level you can set to cut down on the number of messages you get from the server (it saves a bit of bandwidth, too).
Level 0 gives everything.
Level 1 does not print item pickup messages.
Level 2 does not print player obituaries.
Level 3 does not print any messages from the server.
Level 4 does not print chat messages.
Player skin support is much nicer in QuakeWorld. There is a qw\skins directory, where you can just put a .pcx files for each skin. This will scale properly to hundreds of skins if you want to download them all.
I am still unsure of how much freedom I want to give with the skins.
One school of thought is that you just set the "skin" value to any name you want. If the other players don't have it, they fall back to the default.
The other school of thought is that skins are the restricted property of a specific clan, and only clan members get custom skins.
We have the ability to delegate specific information setting abilities to clan leaders. To join a clan, you have to get the leader to add the clan field to your user account. It is in the protected masterdata, so you can't edit it yourself.
John Carmack's .plan for Sep 13, 1996
There is a BETA distribution of 1.05 up on our ftp site.
It includes quake.exe winded.exe progs.dat, and a zip of the latest .qc files. Back up your current version before messing with this, in case something is broken.
There is new source code available. has win-32 compiled versions and VC++ projects for all of the quake command line utilities. The qbsp/light/vis programs have not been tested all that well here, because we still use a dec alpha running unix for most of our work, but it has been converted from doubles to floats, which should reduce the memory requirements quite a bit (and possibly cause more numeric instabilities...).
I also uploaded the DOOM ipxsetup / sersetup source code, which we haven't had on our ftp site before.
We are going to begin internal testing of a 1.05 Quake release tomorrow. When we upload for general release, we will also upload the current .qc source. The old qcc.tar.gz file is still present on the ftp site for the original .qc files for now.
John Carmack's .plan for Sep 18, 1996
We are now beta testing the first release of QuakeWorld.
It seems to be going well. The latency reductions are very real, and significantly improve control and responsiveness. There is some loss of smoothness in some cases, but you can tune the tradeoff to your liking.
I don't want everyone to think that it will instantly turn their 28.8 modem into a lan connection, but it should be solidly better than what we have in all circumstances.
On an internet connection that provides a stable flow of packets at a reasonably predictable rate, the gameplay is very good. Single packet drops are not even noticable, but dropping several packets at once or having a large variability in latency can still mess up a game.
The really cool ISPs will run QuakeWorld servers right at their pops, which should give 28.8 modem players 200 ms or less pings, providing a nearly flawless game.
John Carmack's .plan for Sep 22, 1996
I had a good time at the New York event -- it was fun to meet a lot of the web and clan guys, and there was some good fierce deathmatch action.
The QuakeWorld beta has revved a couple more times. When things work right, its great, but it seems like it only works right on about half the windows machines we try it on.
We have at least a week of beating on it before a public release.
John Carmack's .plan for Oct 14, 1996
I haven't been able to work on QuakeWorld for a week, and am unlikely to for a couple more days.
I've been working with the utilities and editor most of the time, but there has been a lot of other stuff going on lately that has kept me from being very productive.
John Carmack's .plan for Oct 16, 1996
The latest windows drivers from rendition fix the lousy GUI performance I had been complaining about to several people. While it may not be state-of-the-art 2d acceleration, it doesn't get in your way anymore. I do not consider windows performance to be a negative for rendition anymore.
John Carmack's .plan for Nov 06, 1996
Over the weekend, I ported Quake to open-gl / win32. It is a complete port with all features supported. Its not really practical right now on most consumer level equipment, but it runs ok on my intergraph glz-13t. It will work on the 3dlabs cards with their next driver release, but it really isn't very optimized yet, so don't expect anything really fast.
If you have high end hardware (intergraph realizm or dec powerstorm), it is pretty cool.
It is interesting to look at quake with hires 24 bit trilinear texture mapping. Sometimes you just don't even notice anything is different, but sometimes you can just stare at a scene for quite a while apreciating it.
Throwing bits and pixels at a static design certainly doesn't hurt, but it really doesn't bring it to a new level. I think I know where the next level is, but I'm just at the very beginning of the work on the next game architecture.
We have three mostly-done things to release: winquake, glquake, and quakeworld. No, I don't know when any of them are actually going to be released. Sorry.
QuakeWorld will actually download a new level for you now if you want to wait for it. Little models and sounds are a lot more practical to customize a server with, though.
Today I got cornered by the three level designers and an artist and they jumped all over me for working on new research instead of polishing the quake 2 tools. I guess the rest of my week is spoken for...
John Carmack's .plan for Nov 23, 1996
QuakeWorld: there is one physics problem that is preventing me from releasing: you get stuck sometimes in moving plats. I am having a hard time tracking it down, and I only get to work on it sporadically. I will spend a bit more time this weekend.
I have given the source for the master server to the QSpy guys and Disruptor to do with as they will (rankings, queries, etc). I know I won't have the time to support it like it deserves.
WinQuake: Michael is almost done.... We only have one reported serious problem, but there are still a list of little issues. We are finally feeling stable on windows. Not everyone may be able to get optimal settings, but SOMETHING should work almost everywhere.
I have an NT alpha machine on order, so we will be compiling for that as well. We aren't going to be able to spend time writing assembly language for it like the intel version has, but it should still run at a pretty decent clip. IBM was talking about getting us a power-PC machine, but I haven't heard back from them in a while. If one shows up, we will compile for that as well.
GLQuake: 3DFX is writing a mini-gl driver that will run glquake. We exepect very high performance. 3Dlabs is also working with me on improving some aspects of their open-GL performance. DynamicPictures sent me an Oxygen board, but glquake did a horrible crash and burn with their beta drivers. They are looking into it. DEC is sending me a powerstorm to work with, which should perform in the same ballpark as the intergraph realizm I did the development work on.
I do expect the 3dfx version to outperform the $5k+ professional gl cards, due to its higher fill rate and the fact that they can tune directly for quake. There are certainly valid reasons to buy $5k cards (24+ bit z buffers, 24 bit color, 1280 res, etc), but don't cry when a $300 card eats their lunch :-).
Because of the very fill-rate intensive nature of the way I implemented this version of glquake (using a blend pass to do the light maps), performance is not likely to be very good on any current generation consumer level board except 3dfx. The next generation of most vendors cards should have sufficient fill rate, if claims are to be believed. I may do a surface cached version just for the experience, in any case.
One little public rant: if you are a 3d chip designer, don't even THINK about not supporting true alpha blending. Screen door transparency is not a valid replacement. (this means YOU, matrox!)
IRIX-GLQuake: In two weeks, Ed Hutchins from SGI is coming down and we are going to port glQuake to irix. This will only run (reasonably) on systems with hardware texture mapping: O2, impact, RE2, and IR. No indys, extremes, etc. You could probably use them as dedicated servers, though.
D3DQuake: I started bringing up glquake on direct-3d a couple days ago. We are going to have a very nice, apples-to-apples api comparison here. It takes four times as much code to do anything in D3D as it does in OpenGL, but I will tune both to the best of my abilities and we shall see if there is any performance advantage to either API. We should be able to do comparisons on both 3DFX and 3DLabs hardware with both apis.
Quake utilities: I have split qbsp into two programs: qcsg and qbsp2. The processing is more robust, faster, and more memory frugal, but it currently generates rathar unoptimized maps. I will be writing a seperate map optimizer program soon to get the counts and size back to what they should be. I will probably do a new tool release after we get some more testing time on them. All of the utilities except qbsp now automatically use as many processors as you have if you are running on NT.
New stuff: The outline of the next generation game engine is beginning to take a bit of shape... I'm applying the lessons learned from quake and I have a long list of new things to try. I want to polish off all the outstanding quake stuff, then just go into hermit mode and work on the future while the other guys do Quake 2.
John Carmack's .plan for Dec 13, 1996
I need to clear up a little bit of really flagrant misinformation here:
Digital Sight and Sound, a dallas based system integrator, run a little blurb in their customer update newsletter that seriously misrepresents my experiences with intergraph and sgi hardware.
The title was "Z-13 versus sgi maximum impact, Z-13 wins" and it included statements like "After two weeks of grueling tests, the z-13 finished 2.5 times faster overall than the Maximum IMPCT... and at less than 1/2 the price!!!". This just isn't true, in saveral ways.
The last time I did side by side system testing involving SGI was pitting an SGI high impact against a intergraph GLZ1T. For heavy texture mapping applications like I was doing, the SGI high impact was three times faster than the intergraph. A realizm-13t is 2.5 times faster than the older GLZ1T, but a max impact is twice as fast as a high impact, so intergraph's best is still only half the speed of sgi's best workstation.
For the record, here is my impression of the 3D hardware I have worked with, unedited. Prices are for configurations as we would use them, not minimum.
Rendition Verite: ($150) It won't set any speed records, but it is an excellent value, the quake port is pretty good, and the risc architecture allows a lot of room for optimization.
3DFX: ($300) The highest textured fill rate of anything short of high end SGI hardware. 50 mpix, almost irrespective of options. You can't run a desktop or high res display on it, but at 640*480 it will stomp any other consumer level board, given equal optimization effort.
3dlabs permedia: ($300) Right now, this is the only well supported low end open GL card. and a good all around video card. The visual quality is hurt over most other 3d boards because the internal paths apear to be 15 bits, so you don't get dithered 24 bit color out of your blending operations. The fill rate is very sensitive to what options (z buffer, blending, color depth, etc) you have turned on. It peaks at over 40 mpix, but that is with no zbuffering and 4 bit textures. Realistic cases (16 bit textures, z buffering, perspective, bilinear) bring you down to around 10 mpix. There are some performance hangups in the drivers for heavy texturing applications, but 3dlabs is working on improving them.
The remaining boards are pretty much for professional use, not gaming.
Dynamic Pictures Oxygen: ($1500) I can't reccomend this to anyone doing texture mapping. It was slow and had rasterization errors.
3dlabs glint-TX: ($1000 - $3000) A reletively low fill rate (15 mpix peak, often a bit lower), but fairly stable in performance. Good GL drivers. Capable of supporting very high resolutions and amounts of texture memory. Available from several vendors at various (professional) price points.
Intergraph intense-3d: ($2000 - $5000). The fill rate still isn't very good (15 mpix), but it hardly cares when you turn on trilinear and blending. They rape you on the texture memory prices. I have gotten better performance (but not tons better) out of this than any glint card I have tested, but I have yet to use one of the dual TX boards. They are also incompatable with a lot of motherboards.
Intergraph realizm: ($7000 - $12000) The best graphics card you can buy for NT. As far as I know, you can't even get these seperately, you have to buy them as part of an intergraph system. The systems we use list around $30k each. The fill rate is 33 mpix, and very insensitive to options. You can add an optional geometry board to get very high transform/light throughput. DEC resells these as their Powerstorm T series cards for alpha systems.
SGI O2: ($10000, full system) The fill rate was better than intergraph's high end, but the triangle throughput was lower. I expect SGI will be able to optimize the porformance more in the coming months. It's not a knock-your-socks-off performer, but a real, fully configured system costs less than just the video option on a high end intergraph.
SGI IMPACT: ($25000 - $50000, full system) excellent fill rate and geometry rate. A very balanced, high performace system. The texture memories are very small (one or four megs), so it would probably be possible to contruct a pathalogical case that probably puts an intergraph ahead of it, but you would have to stretch. The prices are higher than intergraph, but only by about 30%.
SGI Infinite reality: ($100000+) Fill rate from hell. Polygons from hell. If you don't trip up on state changes, nothing will come within shouting distance of this system. You would expect that.
Our decision to go intergraph/NT over SGI/IRIX had a lot more to do with the NT vs IRIX part of it. I wish I could buy SGI hardware for NT. The last two SGI systems I did serious work on were messes of instability, but the O2 we just got last week does actually seem stable.
As far as the "which video card should I buy?" question from gamers, I'm afraid I can't give you a definitive answer. All of the first generation boards have some problem or another. The second generation, coming out within the next six months or so, will be more solidly positive.
John Carmack's .plan for Dec 17, 1996
QuakeWorld went up, got to around 4000 users, then the master server exploded.
Disrupter and cohorts are working on more robust code now.
If anyone did it on purpose, how about letting us know... (It wasn't all the people that tried %s as a name)
John Carmack's .plan for Dec 21, 1996
Wow. Apple bought NeXT. That really brightened my day.
I haven't generally been unhappy developing on NT, but I had been carrying a bit of sadness over several of the things we left behind when we moved from NEXTSTEP.
I wouldn't touch a mac for development right now, but if apple does The Right Thing with NeXT...
John Carmack's .plan for Dec 23, 1996
OpenGL vs Direct-3D
I am going to use this installment of my .plan file to get up on a soapbox about an important issue to me: 3D API. I get asked for my opinions about this often enough that it is time I just made a public statement. So here it is, my current position as of december '96...
While the rest of Id works on Quake 2, most of my effort is now focused on developing the next generation of game technology. This new generation of technology will be used by Id and other companies all the way through the year 2000, so there are some very important long term decisions to be made.
There are two viable contenders for low level 3D programming on win32: Direct-3D Immediate Mode, the new, designed for games API, and OpenGL, the workstation graphics API originally developed by SGI. They are both supported by microsoft, but D3D has been evangelized as the one true solution for games.
I have been using OpenGL for about six months now, and I have been very impressed by the design of the API, and especially it's ease of use. A month ago, I ported quake to OpenGL. It was an extremely pleasant experience. It didn't take long, the code was clean and simple, and it gave me a great testbed to rapidly try out new research ideas.
I started porting glquake to Direct-3D IM with the intent of learning the api and doing a fair comparison.
Well, I have learned enough about it. I'm not going to finish the port. I have better things to do with my time.
I am hoping that the vendors shipping second generation cards in the coming year can be convinced to support OpenGL. If this doesn't happen early on and there are capable cards that glquake does not run on, then I apologize, but I am taking a little stand in my little corner of the world with the hope of having some small influence on things that are going to effect us for many years to come.
Direct-3D IM is a horribly broken API. It inflicts great pain and suffering on the programmers using it, without returning any significant advantages. I don't think there is ANY market segment that D3D is apropriate for, OpenGL seems to work just fine for everything from quake to softimage. There is no good technical reason for the existance of D3D.
I'm sure D3D will suck less with each forthcoming version, but this is an oportunity to just bypass dragging the entire development community through the messy evolution of an ill-birthed API.
Best case: Microsoft integrates OpenGL with direct-x (probably calling it Direct-GL or something), ports D3D retained mode on top of GL, and tells everyone to forget they every heard of D3D immediate mode. Programmers have one good api, vendors have one driver to write, and the world is a better place.
To elaborate a bit:
"OpenGL" is either OpenGL 1.1 or OpenGL 1.0 with the common extensions. Raw OpenGL 1.0 has several holes in functionality.
"D3D" is Direct-3D Immediate Mode. D3D retained mode is a seperate issue. Retained mode has very valid reasons for existance. It is a good thing to have an api that lets you just load in model files and fly around without sweating the polygon details. Retained mode is going to be used by at least ten times as many programmers as immediate mode. On the other hand, the world class applications that really step to new levels are going to be done in an immediate mode graphics API. D3D-RM doesn't even really have to be tied to D3D-IM. It could be implemented to emit OpenGL code instead.
I don't particularly care about the software only implementations of either D3D or OpenGL. I haven't done serious research here, but I think D3D has a real edge, because it was originally designed for software rendering and much optimization effort has been focused there. COSMO GL is attempting to compete there, but I feel the effort is misguided. Software rasterizers will still exist to support the lowest common denominator, but soon all game development will be targeted at hardware rasterization, so that's where effort should be focused.
The primary importance of a 3D API to game developers is as an interface to the wide variety of 3D hardware that is emerging. If there was one compatable line of hardware that did what we wanted and covered 90+ percent of the target market, I wouldn't even want a 3D API for production use, I would be writing straight to the metal, just like I allways have with pure software schemes. I would still want a 3D API for research and tool development, but it wouldn't matter if it wasn't a mainstream solution.
Because I am expecting the 3D accelerator market to be fairly fragmented for the forseeable future, I need an API to write to, with individual drivers for each brand of hardware. OpenGL has been maturing in the workstation market for many years now, allways with a hardware focus. We have exisiting proof that it scales just great from a $300 permedia card all the way to a $250,000 loaded infinite reality system.
All of the game oriented PC 3D hardware basically came into existance in the last year. Because of the frantic nature of the PC world, we may be getting stuck with a first guess API and driver model which isn't all that good.
The things that matter with an API are: functionality, performance, driver coverage, and ease of use.
Both APIs cover the important functionality. There shouldn't be any real argument about that. GL supports some additional esoteric features that I am unlikely to use (or are unlikely to be supported by hardware -- same effect). D3D actually has a couple nice features that I would like to see moved to GL (specular blend at each vertex, color key transparancy, and no clipping hints), which brings up the extensions issue. GL can be extended by the driver, but because D3D imposes a layer between the driver and the API, microsoft is the only one that can extend D3D.
My conclusion about performance is that there is not going to be any significant performance difference (< 10%) between properly written OpenGL and D3D drivers for several years at least. There are some arguments that gl will scale better to very high end hardware because it doesn't need to build any intermediate structures, but you could use tiny sub cache sized execute buffers in d3d and acheive reasonably similar results (or build complex hardware just to suit D3D -- ack!). There are also arguments from the other side that the vertex pools in d3d will save work on geometry bound applications, but you can do the same thing with vertex arrays in GL.
Currently, there are more drivers avaialble for D3D than OpenGL on the consumer level boards. I hope we can change this. A serious problem is that there are no D3D conformance tests, and the documentation is very poor, so the existing drivers aren't exactly uniform in their functionality. OpenGL has an established set of conformance tests, so there is no argument about exactly how things are supposed to work. OpenGL offers two levels of drivers that can be written: mini client drivers and installable client drivers. A MCD is a simple, robust exporting of hardware rasterization capabilities. An ICD is basically a full replacement for the API that lets hardware accelerate or extend any piece of GL without any overhead.
The overriding reason why GL is so much better than D3D has to do with ease of use. GL is easy to use and fun to experiment with. D3D is not (ahem). You can make sample GL programs with a single page of code. I think D3D has managed to make the worst possible interface choice at every oportunity. COM. Expandable structs passed to functions. Execute buffers. Some of these choices were made so that the API would be able to gracefully expand in the future, but who cares about having an API that can grow if you have forced it to be painful to use now and forever after? Many things that are a single line of GL code require half a page of D3D code to allocate a structure, set a size, fill something in, call a COM routine, then extract the result.
Ease of use is damn important. If you can program something in half the time, you can ship earlier or explore more aproaches. A clean, readable coding interface also makes it easier to find / prevent bugs.
GL's interface is procedural: You perform operations by calling gl functions to pass vertex data and specify primitives.
glVertex (0,0,0);
glVertex (1,1,0);
glVertex (2,0,0);
glEnd ();
D3D's interface is by execute buffers: You build a structure containing vertex data and commands, and pass the entire thing with a single call. On the surface, this apears to be an efficiency improvement for D3D, because it gets rid of a lot of procedure call overhead. In reality, it is a gigantic pain-in-the-ass.
(psuedo code, and incomplete)
v = &buffer.vertexes[0];
v->x = 0; v->y = 0; v->z = 0;
v->x = 1; v->y = 1; v->z = 0;
v->x = 2; v->y = 0; v->z = 0;
c = &buffer.commands;
c->operation = DRAW_TRIANGLE;
c->vertexes[0] = 0;
c->vertexes[1] = 1;
c->vertexes[2] = 2;
IssueExecuteBuffer (buffer);
If I included the complete code to actually lock, build, and issue an execute buffer here, you would think I was choosing some pathologically slanted case to make D3D look bad.
You wouldn't actually make an execute buffer with a single triangle in it, or your performance would be dreadfull. The idea is to build up a large batch of commands so that you pass lots of work to D3D with a single procedure call.
A problem with that is that the optimal definition of "large" and "lots" varies depending on what hardware you are using, but instead of leaving that up to the driver, the application programmer has to know what is best for every hardware situation.
You can cover some of the messy work with macros, but that brings its own set of problems. The only way I can see to make D3D generally usable is to create your own procedural interface that buffers commands up into one or more execute buffers and flushes when needed. But why bother, when there is this other nifty procedural API allready there...
With OpenGL, you can get something working with simple, straightforward code, then if it is warranted, you can convert to display lists or vertex arrays for max performance (although the difference usually isn't that large). This is the right way of doing things -- like converting your crucial functions to assembly language after doing all your development in C.
With D3D, you have to do everything the painful way from the beginning. Like writing a complete program in assembly language, taking many times longer, missing chances for algorithmic improvements, etc. And then finding out it doesn't even go faster.
I am going to be programming with a 3D API every day for many years to come. I want something that helps me, rather than gets in my way.
John Carmack
Id Software
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