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Middleware for Earth System Data
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Earth System Data Middleware

The middleware for earth system data is a prototype to improve I/O performance for earth system simulation as used in climate and weather applications. ESDM exploits structural information exposed by workflows, applications as well as data description formats such as HDF5 and NetCDF to more efficiently organize metadata and data across a variety of storage backends.

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  • glib2
  • a variant of MPI (for parallel support with ESDM and HDF5)

Installation for Ubuntu/Debian Systems

  • apt-get install libglib2 libglib2.0-dev libjansson4 libjansson-dev

Installation for Fedora/CentOS/RHEL Systems

  • dnf install glib2 glib2-devel mpi jansson jansson-devel

  • dnf install mpich-3.0 mpich-3.0-devel OR dnf install openmpi opemmpi-devel

  • dnf install gcc-c++ gcc libtool cmake

Installation with Spack

First get the recent GCC:

  • spack install gcc@8.1.0 Then install the packages with GCC:
  • spack install jansson%gcc@8.1.0 glib%gcc@8.1.0 openmpi%gcc@8.1.0 gettext%gcc@8.1.0 Before running configure load the modules:
  • spack load jansson%gcc@8.1.0 glib%gcc@8.1.0 openmpi%gcc@8.1.0 gcc gettext%gcc@8.1.0 -r


Project directory structure

  • dev contains helpers for development purposes. For example, this project requires a development variant of HDF5 that provides the Virtual Object Layer (VOL). This and other dependencies can be installed into a development environment using the following script:

  • src contains the source code... To build the project call:

      source dev/activate-development-environment.bash
      ./configure --debug
      cd build
      make -j

    To run the test suite call:

      cd build
      make test

    You may also choose to configure with a different hdf5 installation (see ./configure --help) e.g.:

      ./configure --with-hdf5=$PWD/install
  • doc contains documentation which uses doxygen to build a HTML or a PDF version:

    For the HTML Reference use the following commands (assuming ./configure completed successfully):

      cd build

    For a PDF Reference (requries LaTeX) run:

      cd build
      cd /doc/latex
  • tools contains separate programs, e.g., for benchmarking HDF5. They should only be loosely coupled with the source code and allow to be used with the regular HDF5.

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