Based on 2TE repo, I've made an example for a complete Bootstrap skeleton website with two templates engines. Read more at:
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This is example of how to build a golang webserver with another layer of template engine in Python for amazing performance at server and client side!!!

This repo should better be treated as a starter-boilerplate more then example

This is example for complete Bootstrap skeleton website using Cheeath OR Jinja2 template engine as the First Template engine layer and Golang as the webserver/second template engine layer. This is the way web applications should be built! with two templates engines!!

Read more about the idea of this example and what I call first-layer/second-layer template engine

  • Read this post: Why I use Two Templates Engine in one web application.
  • Based on 2TE repo. Read more at 2TE repo about the 2-Template-Engine example project.

What different from 2TE

  • I've made it more complex and arranged the folders and files as I like (and not pure simple).
  • Added few bash script files for fast compiling of the app and watch (reload code)
  • I've made this example with Cheetah & Jinja2 templates engine as well. read more at templates/ .tmpl files are for cheetah, .html files are for jinja2.
  • I've disabled cache in the golang side with comment on how to activate it again.


Deploy is fun: 2 files only! 'main' and 'index.min.html'. could be easily built to build and deploy to your server. Personaly, I am running golang servers using Supervisor but there are lot of other options.