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The ET Programming Language

ET is an open source self-host,bootstrapping system programming language that easy to build , reliable, and efficient, performance software.

The compiler will be release in next few months.

Objectives and Features:

  • Easy
  • Compiler
  • Ability to create output file
  • System programming
  • Intermediate level
  • Web Programming
  • Network,API programming
  • Performance and high speed
  • Supports inline assembly code
  • No require specific librarys and tools on user system In normal mode
  • No require external runtime librarys In normal mode
  • No require external compilers for compile steps

GUI Development (Web,Software)

This architecture is only designed for website and software (native).

In the future, it will also be available for mobile apps (native).

Mobile structures are not yet complete And need more thought and attention.

title "Name - Main";
description "Desc,...";
keyword "key,...,...,...";//This not used on the software, it use on the web.
style {
  * {
    margin 0;
    padding 0;
  header {
    width "100%";
    height "auto";
  list {
    color "red";
  list item {
    display "inline";
    padding "10px";
    background "yellow";
header {
  list {
    item {
      _ "Home";
    item {
      _ "About";
    item {
      _ "Contact Us";

Screen Of Render


Refer to the Wiki for starting and learning this language.


#Name :

What is the meaning of this name? The word is actually abbreviated. (Electronics-Technology)

#Start activity :

  • Initial start: 2010; about 8 years ago
  • Beginning : 2012; about 6 years ago

#OS :

  • Gnu/Linux
  • MacOS (Not complete)
  • Windows (Soon)

#Filename extensions : .et

Send your message for sponsorship and support us. (MaxBaseCode {[@]} Gmail {[DOT]} Com)