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Contains scripts to learn to work with the ETCBC database

In this repository you find the materials that we have used in the MA/PhD course Digital Humanities and Biblical Studies in 2017 at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

If you want to use these materials, first install Jupyter and Text-Fabric. Of course, you also have to install Python3 and if you want to use the R file, you should install an R kernel for Jupyter.

It consists of a course on Text-Fabric (TF): Introduction_to_Text_Fabric.ipynb . In this course you learn how to extract data from the ETCBC database (BHSA c version). There is also a file with exercises: Introduction_to_Text_Fabric_Assignment.ipynb

Once you have made a dataset with TF or downloaded a csv file from Shebanq, you can analyze these data with the tools we use in the file Analysis_and_Visualization_of_Data_with_R.ipynb . The data file that is needed here is all_words.csv, which I downloaded form the Shebanq website It offers an introduction to data exploration and visualization of the data with R. Of course there is also a file with exercises: Analysis_and_Visualization_of_Data_with_R_Assignment.ipynb


Contains scripts to learn to work with the ETCBC database



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