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CTT - Coded Text Tabulated
The CTT file is a human-readable file produced by
syn04types(1) concurrently with the PX(5) file. It offers a
summary of the clause atom hierarchy present in the PX(5)
file. The information is displayed in nine fields of fixed
width, which are the following.
1 Verse Label
2 Person/Number/Gender of the predicate
3 Clause Atom Type of the daughter
4 Indication of the mother
5 Text Type
6 Paragraph Number
7 Clause Atom Number
8 Tabulation and Subtypes
9 Hierarchy made with the surface text from ct4.p(5)
More about these fields can be found in PX(5) and user-
Field 4, the indication of the mother, can be either:
a) the clause atom type of the mother, for example `WayX';
b) the marker [Q], which indicates that the mother intro-
duced direct speech;
c) the marker [R], which means that this atom is the root
of the clause atom hierarchy;
d) a clause constituent relation, for instance
PX(5), syn04types(1), usertab(5).
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