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at2ps - create a ps-file from analysed text
at2ps [-iv] [-c conf] [-d dump] [-o ps] [-t ct] [at...]
at2ps reads one or more analysed text files as described in
at(5), and a collection of linguistic data files for every
language in its input. It calculates the lexical and mor-
phological features of the words in the text using the rules
laid out in the word_grammar(5) file.
The results are written to a ps-file, the format of which is
defined in a psdef(5) file for each language.
The default output format is that of a ps2(5) file. at2ps
can be configured to produce ps-files in one of various
other formats by using a modified psdef(5) file.
When applying the rules from the word grammar, it first
processes the rule section on inflection, and then the sec-
tion on derivation. Although both of these sections are
optional, the presence of a possibly empty section has a
meaning. If a rule section is completed successfully, i.e.
no reject occurred, the lexically determined function values
are assigned to the word. These function values are gath-
ered from the lexicon that is listed in the grammar as the
repository for the cores. These assignments are made in
reverse order, i.e. a lexeme determined function value
replaces a root determined value.
With respect to identifying input and output files, two
modes exist: normal mode and compatibility mode. Compati-
bility mode is used to imitate the behaviour of a previous
version of at2ps, which is still presupposed by some
scripts. The program will determine itself the correct mode
in which to run. Input and output are then identified as
Normal Mode
The input file names are taken from the command line. If no
input files are specified, at2ps will read from stdin.
The output file is specified by the -o option. If -o is not
used, at2ps will write to stdout.
Compatibility Mode
This mode is activated by the existence of a synnr(5) file
in the current directory, which contains the stage number of
the analysis (must be 0) and the name of the at-file. The
output files are named after this at-file, with the
Werkgroep Informatica Last change: 03/11/20 1
extensions `ps2' and `ct'. In compatibility mode at2ps mim-
ics the behaviour of syn01(1) and syn02(1) and updates
`synnr' by increasing the stage number to 2.
Compatibility mode is entered only if `synnr' exists and no
options other than a possible -d are given on the command
line. In any other case, at2ps will run in normal mode.
-c file
Use the configuration specified in file, rather than
the default configuration in
/projects/calap/etc/at2ps.conf. Use of this option
implies normal mode.
-d file
Dump. A human readable copy of the analysis is written
to file.
-i Ignore `synnr', force normal mode.
-o ps
Write the columnal output to ps. Use of this option
implies normal mode.
-t ct
Write a copy of the surface text in its traditional
form to ct. Use of this option implies normal mode.
-v Verbose.
If no errors are encountered, at2ps returns a zero exit
status to the calling environment. On error, it prints a
message on stderr and exits with a non-zero exit status.
Configuration file for compatibility mode. The confi-
guration file determines which alphabet, lexicon, word
grammar, and ps-file definition are used for the vari-
ous languages. See at2ps.conf(5),
Default configuration file.
Stage file, used only in compatibility mode.
alphabet(5), at(5), at2ps.conf(5), lexicon(5), ps2(5),
psdef(5), syn01(1), syn02(1), synnr(5), word_grammar(5).
Werkgroep Informatica Last change: 03/11/20 2
at2ps replaces the programs syn01(1) and syn02(1), which
cannot handle analysed texts in at(5) format.
Werkgroep Informatica Last change: 03/11/20 3