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pil2wit - convert PIL running text to graphic text
pil2wit [-lsv] [-m siglum] [-o output] [-t language] file
pil2wit converts a running text in the format of the
Peshitta Institute Leiden into a graphic text in the format
specified by gt(5). It writes its output to stdout, but
this can be changed by the -o option.
The input file is stripped of its comments and its transli-
teration is adapted to the one that is in use with the Werk-
groep Informatica. By default, textual variations are
resolved but not followed.
-l Labels. Also check whether the verse labels are con-
sistent and consecutive.
-m siglum
Manuscript. In textual variations, follow the
manuscript with this siglum. This option can be given
more than once, in which case the variant is followed
when any one of the sigla is listed with the variant.
-o output
Output. Write the result to the file output.
-s Strict substitutions. Do not allow substitutions that
affect text from a preceding variant.
-t language
Taal. Use language in the language directive, rather
than `syriac', which is the default. Syriac is the
default language in order to maintain backward compati-
bility with earlier versions which did not have the -t
-v Verbose. It lists the file names and selected sigla
while it processes the files. At the end of the run,
the set of sigla used in the texts is reported,
together with an error count.
Exits with a non-zero status in case of errors, among which
format errors in the input file.
Werkgroep Informatica Last change: 05/08/25 1
H. J. Bosman and C. J. Sikkel, Format of A PIL Running Text
which is part of the CALAP documentation.
Werkgroep Informatica Last change: 05/08/25 2