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ps4 - morpho-syntactic analysis at clause level
The syntax of this file is an extension to the syntax of
ps3(5), with the following modifications.
ps4 = catm { catm }.
catm = line { line } eoa.
line = label <space> lexical_data space
morph_data space func_data space
phrase_data catm_flag <newline>.
eoa = <eleven spaces> '*' <newline>.
catm_flag = integer.
ps4(5) is the format of the morpho-syntactic data base out-
put by syn04(1). This type of file contains the result of
the first step in the analysis at clause level, the division
into clause atoms. Clause atoms are the longest possible
contiguous stretches of phrase atoms containing at most one
predication. Apart from adding `star lines' to signal the
end of every clause atom, syn04(1) adds one column to the
format of ps3(5), the column clause atom flag. This column
is a relict of an earlier phase and is no longer used. It
was intended to mark those clause atom divisions that could
not be produced automatically. Currently in this column,
the first word of every second and subsequent clause atom of
the verse is marked with 99. All other words have -1.
The name PS file originally stems from the work on Psalm 1
in the early days of the Werkgroep Informatica. When the
research shifted to phrases, the term was reassessed as to
mean `Phrase Structure' file. Nowadays, however, this flag
no longer covers its cargo as PS files are a data base for
the complete morpho-syntactic analysis of a text.
ps3(5), syn04(1).
Werkgroep Informatica Last change: 07/08/13 1