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syn03 - establish phrase atoms and update phrase set
syn03 [-l language]
Syn03 performs the third stage of the morpho-syntactic
analysis of a text, the determination of the phrase boun-
daries. It relies on a file called synnr produced by
syn02(1), that provides the current stage in the analysis
and the chapter of the text that is being processed. It
insists on the stage number being 2, as this indicates that
syn02(1) has successfully run to completion. It uses
chapter to identify its input files chapter.ps2 and
chapter.ct and to establish the names of the output files
chapter.npd, chapter.pps and chapter.ps3. It further uses
the files lexcond, morfcond and phrset as data base of valid
phrase patterns. All files need to reside in the current
directory. If any of the files lexcond, morfcond, or phrset
is missing, syn03 will use a copy of the standard file from
the language directory. When syn03 has finished success-
fully, it will update the stage number in synnr to 3, indi-
cating that all phrase boundaries have been established.
Syn03 processes a text one verse at a time. For every verse
it proposes a division into phrases, which the user is asked
to confirm. If the user disagrees, he is asked to apply the
necessary changes. If this results in the creation of a
phrase pattern that is as yet unknown, it will be added to
the program's phrase set (not the file).
When displayed on the screen, the phrase patterns have an
identifier which consists of a number and a letter. The
number is the ordinal of the pattern within the collection
and the letter indicates in which collection the pattern was
d Pattern from phd(5)
j Joined patterns
s Pattern from phrset(5)
u Pattern constructed by user during session
A pattern marked by an asterisk behind the phrase number
does not contain any lexical or morphological conditions.
All the phrases that have been confirmed, are recorded in
the file chapter.npd. The complete text data is stored in
chapter.ps3, using the ps3(5) format. At the end of a ses-
sion the phrase set together with the newly constructed
phrase patterns are written to a file called PHR. A survey
of the phrase patterns used and their incidence is written
Werkgroep Informatica Last change: 15/02/26 1
to the file chapter.pps (phrase pattern statistics).
After every verse the user is offered the opportunity to
suspend the session. This results in a file chapter.npd that
only partially covers the text. If syn03 finds a file or chapter.npd when it is invoked, it will use
the information from the bigger of these files to create the
phrases. When this information is exhausted, it will turn to
the user to proceed from this point on.
-l language
Specifies which versions of lexcond, morfcond, and
phrset are to be retrieved, if necessary. The default
language is Hebrew.
lexcond Lexical conditions.
morfcond Morphological conditions.
phrset Collection of approved phrase patterns used as
synnr Stage file.
In this description we have used `phrases' as a short hand
for the more correct term `phrase atoms'.
lexcond(5), morfcond(5), phd(5), phrset(5), ps2(5), ps3(5),
syn02(1), synnr(5).
Werkgroep Informatica Last change: 15/02/26 2
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