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ETHLove is a DAPP allowing you to perform on-chain marriage agreements.

Please read the paper at ./ui/ethlove.pdf.

UI is live on


You will need the dapp tool.


Run dapp build, results will be in ./out.


Just run dapp test


The UI is just some classic HTML, CSS and JS, it is located in ./ui and need some heavy lifting!


  • Add paper
  • Rework UI
  • Deploy UI

Terms of Use

The following terms of use are an addition to the licence found the LICENCE file to protect the interests of the author and make sure everyone can benefit from the work released here.

Standard user

The user is granted the right and freedom to use the Software, but with absolutely no warranties of its effectiveness.

Developer, enterprise or third party wanting to use the code

In the event one wants to reuse parts or totallity of this work he/she must apply the following conditions:

  • If money (in any currencies, even crypto based or fiat) is made thanks to the project, the third party must withdraw no less than 10% of revenues generated thanks to the project.
  • If one decides to rebrand, integrate, customize or publish the project he/she needs to make it clears he/she isn't the author of the tool, and he/she needs to add the following mention to the page, interface, application in a visible manner: "© 2017 Copyright Eliott TEISSONNIERE The following has been made by reusing the work from Eliott TEISSONNIERE made available in an open source way on".

Developers and contributors

Please refer to the LICENCE file for more informations.