B2Share software for the EUDAT CDI services.
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Signed-off-by: Harri Hirvonsalo <harri.hirvonsalo@csc.fi>
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B2SHARE is an user-friendly, secure, robust, reliable, and trusted service to share and publish your research data. B2SHARE is able to add value to your research data via (domain tailored) metadata, and assigning Persistent Identifiers PIDs to ensure long-lasting access and references. B2SHARE is one of the B2 services developed via EUDAT.

Deposit and release your data via the generic interface, or select a community extension including domain-specific metadata fields. Share your data with others in a safe and trusted environment. Scientific communities are able to brand templates, and use their own collections with specific metadata.

B2SHARE is based on Invenio. Invenio enables you to run your own electronic preprint server, your own online library catalogue or a digital document system on the web. It complies with the Open Archive Initiative metadata harvesting protocol.

Main service is running at: https://b2share.eudat.eu/

Developer documentation

A developer documentation is available. It can be built like this:

$ pip install -r requirements.txt # install dependencies
$ pip install -e .[all]
$ cd docs
$ make html
$ # open in your browser docs/_build/html/index.html