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DEPRECATED - Legacy Django version of Element43
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This project is not maintained anymore! Please check here for alternatives. This repository is kept online for reference purposes only and can be taken offline/deleted any time.



Market, Trade and Industry Manager for EVE Online. Element43 aims to provide players of the MMORPG EVE Online with an all-in-one experience for managing their in-game enterprises. The application can be extended via Django's apps in a modular way, so that developers can easily put the massive amount of data collected by Element43 to use without conflicting with each other.

Initial Setup

Detailed instructions for multiple platforms can be found here:


Documentation for developers is located at ReadTheDocs.

Applying DB schema migrations

There is one index that needs to be built manually due to limitations in South. You will want to build an index in the market_data_orders table similar to:

"market_data_orders_mia" btree (mapregion_id, invtype_id, is_active) WHERE is_active = true

Yes that is for postgresql, not quite sure what the equivalent is for MySQL.

Without this database performance will be atrocious to the point of killing your site.

If you receive notice that an update requires a schema modification, you'll want to run the following::

python migrate
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