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Element43's core market data service for managing orders
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ESI Markets

Build Status Docker Image

This service for Element43 keeps an in-memory representation of EVE's orderbook which can be queried via gRPC.

The service's gRPC description can be found here.

Issues can be filed here. Pull requests can be made in this repo.


Either use the prebuilt Docker images and pass the appropriate env vars (see below), or:

  • Install a recent Rust toolchain
  • Set the environment variables, for generating ESI tokens you can use a script in the main repo
  • Run cargo run --release to build and run the release version

Deployment Info

Environment Variable Default Description
REFRESH_TOKEN - Your ESI refresh token - must be set!
CLIENT_ID - Your ESI client ID - must be set!
SECRET_KEY - Your ESI secret key - must be set!
GRPC_HOST The host/port esi-markets will listen on
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