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Gets top stations for trading in New Eden
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Top Stations

Build Status Docker Image

This service for Element43 serves a list of top stations by market volume, based on data gathered from esi-markets. The statistics are updated hourly and persisted to disk using BoltDB.

Issues can be filed here. Pull requests can be made in this repo.


The service's gRPC description can be found here.


Either use the prebuilt Docker images and pass the appropriate env vars (see below), or:

  • Install Go, clone this repo into your gopath
  • Get and run esi-markets
  • Set the ESI_MARKETS_HOST environment variable (see below)
  • Run go get ./... to fetch the service's dependencies
  • Run bash to generate the necessary gRPC-related code
  • Run go build to build the service
  • Run ./top-stations to start the service

Now a gRPC server will listen on port 43000 unless configured otherwise, serving stats data once it has been generated.

Deployment Info

Environment Variable Default Description
CRON @hourly Stats refresh interval
DB_PATH /data/top-stations.db DB persistence path
LOG_LEVEL info The service's log level
ESI_MARKETS_HOST esi-markets.element43.svc.cluster.local:43000 Host/port of the esi-markets instance to be used
PORT 43000 Port the gRPC server will listen on
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