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Prosper Bot

ProsperBot is meant as a easy utility for Discord for getting market data.

Though prosperbot is designed for Prosper stuff, there's nothing stopping others from putting their own bot token and running a version of prosperbot on thier own.

Installing Prosper Bot

ProsperBot is written in python3.5 and uses for its bot functionality


Additional requirements:

  • tinyDB as a cache layer
  • pandas_datareader for fetching stock quotes
  • demjson for formatting Google "json"
  • ujson as speed-up for tinyDB and json replacement
  • NLTK for sentiment analysis
  • requests for generic HTTP fetching
  • ProsperCommon for logging/config

Running ProsperBot

  1. virtualenv -p python3 venv_prosperbot
  2. activate virtualenv
  3. pip install -r bot_requirements.txt
  4. python

Environment Stuff

  • prosperbot_config.cfg is tracked by git. To fill out secrets copy to prosperbot_config_local.cfg and complete configuration
  • ProsperBot has been tested to work on Windows and Ubuntu16

Prosper Bot Functions

ProsperBot comes with a wide array of functions using the discord.ext library

!who [ticker] [please (OPTIONAL)]

!who is for translating stock ticker/symbol to its common/company name.

!who responses are cached in tinyDB for 30 days. This makes responses extremely snappy when looking up company names (both as !who and other funcs that need the information).

To clear/refresh the cache, use the keyword please in your request and the company name will be fetched again on the yahoo endpoint.

!price [ticker] [please (OPTIONAL)]

!price returns a summary of the current price of a stock. This endpoint is furnished by yahoo through function

!price also hits the following sub functions directly:

  • !who for company name (get_company_name)
  • !news for "most relevant article" (get_news)

The !news endpoint uses the pct_change statistic to try and find a "positive" or "negative" article to explain the price movement of the day.

TODO: add image of return?

!news [ticker] [+/- (OPTIONAL)]

!news endpoint hits the Google Finance endpoint to get the relevant articles for a given ticker.

The Google Finance endpoint .json does not return valid JSON, and can only be parsed with demjson library

Google Finance endpoint returns 10-15 articles in a query. To grade these responses, NLTK is run over the headlines to asses them as positive or negative. Then using the pct_change of a quote, select the "best" or "worst" outlook to match the direction of the stock.

If the call is neutral, both the best/worst articles will be returned with their sentiment scores.

!news uses the vader_lexicon to grade headlines of articles. The best article is picked off the polarity_scores['compound'] values. First found result wins in a tie.

Links are returned with their sentiment score

!quote [ticker] [range=30] [please (OPTIONAL)]

!quote is meant to give a bigger picture of a stock. Where !price tells the one-day view, !quote returns a graph of the stock performance so far