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EVNotify requires Android 4.1 or greater. Android 5 or greater is recommended. EVNotify is now also available for iOS, but currently, Bluetooth communication is not working yet. It's in development for iOS devices.

You will need a Bluetooth-capable OBD2-Dongle. WiFi-Dongle will not work! EVNotify works with ELM327-Dongles. Not all dongles may be compatible with commands for EVNotify. There is, unfortunately, no guarantee. Here is a list, which will be expanded, with dongles, which are declared as compatible. Unfortunately, even the listed dongles, can be incompatible due to different manufactures. I'm not responsible for non-working, incompatible dongles.

Android compatible dongles:

iOS compatible dongles:

WARNING: iOS bluetooth connection handling is in development. Currently it will not work!

There is no guarantee that the dongles are working, because manufacture can change!

There is a PlugAndPlay solution, that can be bought: The system can also be built yourself. Tutorials will follow.

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