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Developing and maintaining the project EVNotify costs me a lot of money. In addition to the time, which I invest in new updates, running costs, such as server fees and domain costs, as well as fees for developer licences, are incurred. Nevertheless I decided to make EVNotify public available for all - for free. No costs, no extra-features for users, who pay. Everything is and will stay free. Furthermore I decided to make EVNotify open-source, so everyone can contribute to EVNotify - and makes it even more better. If you still want to donate - and want to thank me for my work - even when you will not get any benefits (apart from a big thank you!) - you can do it via PayPal. Now you also have the possibility to donate via GitHub Sponsors or via Patreon.

If you want to follow my live streams on Twitch, where I am also developing for EVNotify, you can also donate (it will appear on the stream, when I'm currently live) via Streamlabs

I appreciate every little cent - please do not give me large donations. EVNotity is a project, I'm working on because I love it - not because I want money. You don't have to donate. It's just an opportunity if you want to thank me.

You can also support me for free when you buy something on Amazon.

Just use this link. If you then buy something within this session (without closing tab or browser), I get a little provision. Alternatively, you can also append the Ref Tag at the very end of the product URL of Amazon you want to buy, e.g. or if not only param in URL (? already exists), then

Or you can turn on ads within the web interface via support section within settings.

Thank you <3