This library contains several Windows Forms controls: combo box controls with extra abilities, a radio button list control, a checkbox list control, a data navigator control, and a template-based data list control.
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EWSoftware.ListControls Library

The EWSoftware List Controls Library is a set of extended .NET Windows Forms list controls. The controls include an auto-complete combo box, a multi-column combo box, a user control drop-down combo box, a radio button list, a check box list, a data navigator control, and a data list control (similar in nature to a continuous details section in Microsoft Access, the DataList web server control, or the DataRepeater from VB6).

The controls support various data source types just like other .NET controls such as the standard combo box (data sets, data views, data tables, array lists or any other collection object that implement the IList interface, and simple strings). All fields in the data sources are accessible via indexers and all controls provide design-time support for defining formatting, layout, data source, and many other control properties.

A NuGet package is available: EWSoftware.ListControls

See the online help content for usage and API information.

See the Project Wiki for information on requirements for building the code and contributing to the project.