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- Fixed loading of the default ignored words file in the absence of a default global configuration file.  Fixes #223.
- Fixed loading of ignored words files so that words starting with an invalid escape sequence have the leading backslash removed.  Fixes #222.
- Fixed saving words to the user dictionary file so that words added by other instances of Visual Studio are not lost.  Fixes #219.
- Updated the word splitter to split text on emoji characters.  This prevents them from being included as part of the preceding/following word and fixes a crash in NHunSpell that can occur if they are included as part of the word when using non-US dictionaries.  Fixes #216.  Fixes #218.
- Added the menu option Tools, Spell Checker, Disable/Enable in Current Session to disable/enable interactive spell checking in the current Visual Studio session.  Closes #149.

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Welcome to the Visual Studio Spell Checker project.

This project is a Visual Studio editor extension that checks the spelling of comments, strings, and plain text as you type or interactively with a tool window. It is based largely on the spell checker extension originally created by Noah Richards, Roman Golovin, and Michael Lehenbauer. This version has been extended significantly to include many new features all of which are configurable.

NOTE: The master branch is for Visual Studio 2017 and later. For Visual Studio 2013/2015, use the VSLegacy branch.


A Visual Studio spell checker editor extension that checks the spelling of comments, strings, and plain text as you type. Supports configuration and various languages.




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