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Convert Confluence Html export to Github Markdown


Must have pandoc command line tool

Make sure it was installed properly by doing pandoc --version


npm install -g confluence-to-github-markdown



confluence-to-github-markdown <htmlFilesDirectory> <attachmentsExportPath> <markdownImageReference>


  • <htmlFilesDirectory> : Current Working Directory
  • <attachmentsExportPath> : "/public/assets/images/" Where to export images
  • <markdownImageReference> : "assets/images/" Image reference in markdown files

Export to HTML

Note that if the converter does not know how to handle a style, HTML to Markdown typically just leaves the HTML untouched (Markdown does allow for HTML tags).

Step by Step Guide

  1. Go to the space and choose Space tools > Content Tools on the sidebar.
  2. Choose Export. This option will only be visible if you have the 'Export Space' permission.
  3. Select HTML then choose Next.
  4. Decide whether you need to customise the export:
  • Select Normal Export to produce an HTML file containing all the pages that you have permission to view.
  • Select Custom Export if you want to export a subset of pages, or to exclude comments from the export.
  1. ![Export Pages] (
  2. Extract zip
  3. Open shell in extracted zip
  4. run confluence-to-github-markdown in shell