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Synergy Calls

Synergy Calls is application for Android OS, which logging calls to the server through the POST request method.

Synergy Calls Android Screen

For getting information about calls the application uses the PhoneCallReceiver class, found on Stack Overflow.

Konsole Log Linux Screen

In order to Android OS does not unload the application from memory, a Service class was used. For the application to be started with the launch of the device, a BroadcastReceiver class was used.


You can download APK-package for Android OS from the releases section.

Build instructions

For example, GNU/Linux:

  • Install the latest Android SDK;

  • Clone repository into deploy directory;

cd ~/Deploy/
git clone SynergyCallsAndroid
  • Build the APK-package into deploy directory with Gradle building script;
cd ~/Deploy/SynergyCallsAndroid/
ANDROID_HOME="/opt/android-sdk/" ./gradlew assembleDebug
  • Install Synergy Calls APK-package on your Android device via adb;
cd ~/Deploy/SynergyCallsAndroid/
/opt/android-sdk/platform-tools/adb install -r synergy/build/outputs/apk/synergy-debug.apk
  • Check the all necessary permissions;

  • Run and enjoy!

You can also open this project in Android Studio IDE and build the APK-package by using this program.

More information

Please read Making Guide (In Russian) for more info about making Synergy Calls for Android OS.