RCM Admintool v.4 for (COD1, COD1:UO, COD2, COD4 & [COD4X 1.8], COD5 all patches)
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COD1.1 (Fixed - game.mp.i386.so)
COD1.1 (Fixed - game_mp_x86.dll)



Admintool for (COD1, COD1:UO, COD2, COD4 & [COD4X 1.8], COD5 all patches) (65 and more chat commands in one)

New final version RCM[V.4] working in all GNU/linux systems and Windows with supporting (PHP 5.2 <= 5.3.0, PHP 7)

This version not compactible for x2.2 version update, compactible only |RCM/ReCodMod/databases/| files(ban database, and another sql bases)

#What it has!

  • Full administrator server control with chat commands.
  • Report and support commands system, players can sent messages from game chat to Admin @mail. Support gmail, yahoo, yandex, and another email services for !report and !support
  • !rules - server rules list.
  • !date or !time - your date and time , time zone display
  • !kickall - kick all players
  • !logout - out from your group to user group.
  • !banall - ban all players
  • !lastban - dispplay last banned player
  • !login -password- or !on -password-
  • Manual ip adreses / guids inserting for admins control. in cfg/_groups.php
  • Easy install, install help messages.
  • Changed message rotation
  • Full cod4x 1.7b and 1.8 admincontrol support.
  • !getss - all players screenshots
  • Ip ban tool (Example:, or range EXAMPLE cfg/bans.cfg.php
  • Ban tool with ban reasons, temp ban and more!
  • Banlist !banlist
  • UNban list!
  • Messages rotation plugin with server statistics!
  • FULL Admin control with !rc command (!rc = /rcon)
  • Make players screnshots with !getss (Anticheat server or cod4x support)
  • Geo welcome messages with player city.
  • Anonymous ip auto kicker
  • Blaclisted proxy ip adress kick
  • Bad nicknames auto kicker
  • Bad words auto kicker
  • Chat flood auto kicker
  • Fast SQLite3 database
  • Players MULTI STATS SYSTEM: Kills, Deaths, Ratio, Rank, Headshots, Suicides Skill and top places
  • Permissions 12 group system: Admin, Vip, Clan Member, Member, Noob...and more (!status chat command)
  • Log system, automatic logfilepath with chat, voting, player cheat alerts, chat flood logs and help chat logs.
  • Server system info getting !sysinfo
  • web plugin, stats, server info, chat.
  • Fun messages
  • So many another plugins....

TO DO [RELEASE 30.DECEMBER.2016 - 20.JANUARY.2016] + new version v.4[C820]

  • Chat language translate in PM.

user can change own language translate or off !lang ru for ON !lang 1 (for messages only) for OFF !lang 0 , !lang 2 (for server messages) !lang 3 (for all)

  • New x_logs/top.html x_logs/banlist.html rework with new .css
  • All IN ONE. Old version plugins in one file. (one main cfg)
  • Cvar list, dvar list configurations.
  • First blood message.

Updates (./ReCodMod/plugins)

  • Stats system fix. [1.December.2016]

  • !reset me - delete self from stats [12.December.2016]

  • Исправлена ошибка в поиске (badwords.cfg.php) слов на русском [17.December.2016]

  • Autoscreenshots for anticheat servers [17.December.2016]

  • New databases translate.db, sreenshots.db [17.December.2016]

  • Screenshot making for all players every 5 minutes (!xget) [17.December.2016]

  • Databases auto-backup [17.December.2016]

  • Chat logs auto-backup [17.December.2016]

  • New databases translate.db, sreenshots.db [17.December.2016]

  • Geo welcome with language tranlate in PM or public. [17.December.2016]

  • Temp ban kicker warn message update. [17.December.2016]

  • Temp ban multiplier time kicker. [17.December.2016]

  • Visit counts fix. [17.December.2016]

============================================================== #HOW INSTALL! https://github.com/EXRecod/ReCodMod-RCM-Admintool/wiki/How-Install





HIDE MESSAGES Support CoDaM CodCommands 2.3 [cod1 1.1

Open __CoDaM_CodCommands.pk3 and in file callback.gsc

  • find

self playerMsg( level.cocoColor + "Command not found: ^7" + chatcmd[ 0 ] + " " + combineChatCommand( chatcmd, " " ));

  • add after that line - this 2 lines

printconsole("say;" + self.name+";"+chatcmd[ 0 ]+" "+ combineChatCommand( chatcmd, " " )+"\n");

logPrint("say; " + self.name + "; "+chatcmd[ 0 ]+" "+ combineChatCommand( chatcmd, " " )+"\n");

HIDE MESSAGES b3hide FOR Call OF Duty 4 X 1.8 - Modern Warfare

loadplugin "b3hide"

b3Hide "1"

b3Prefix "!"

b3HideLvl "0"


In x_logs folder after install and few days work, you can find chat, stats.... logs in html format, you can use it for website.

Support and report \ Русский || English

Skype: larocca2012

Website: http://recod.ru/forum/

Test help: #coP(COD1 1.1 sniper-clan.enjin.com) , KarTaL (COD1 1.5), G mAsTeR (COD4x), (COD4x nuclearwars.ru), a6pakaTa6pa (COD4x zona-ato-game.ru)