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Enable Acrylic/Glass effect for your VS Code.
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Visual Studio Code Extension - Vibrancy

Mouse dragging lag in versions above 1809 of Windows 10, please do not install. See here:

Enable Acrylic/Glass effect for your VS Code.




Links: Github | Visual Studio Code Marketplace | issues

中文教程 (Chinese README)

Supported Operating Systems

Windows 7 ✔

Windows 10 ✔

MacOS ✔

Getting Started

  1. Make sure the color theme you selected is the 'Dark+ (default)'


  1. Install this extension from the Visual Studio Code Marketplace.

  2. Press F1 and Activate command "Reload Vibrancy".


  1. Restart.

Every time after Code is updated, please re-enable vibrancy.


This extension works by editting VS Code's css file. So, a prompt will appear when installing vscode-vibrancy for the first time or each time VS Code updates. U can click [never show again] to hide it.


To fix the "[Unsupported]" warning on VS Code's title bar, please refer to this extension: Fix VSCode Checksums.



Native method of Vibrancy Effect.

  • auto : Automatically switch with system version.
  • dwm : (Windows 7 only) Windows Aero blur.
  • acrylic : (Windows 10 only) Fluent Design blur.
  • appearance-based, light, dark, titlebar, selection, menu, popover, sidebar, medium-light, ultra-dark: (MacOS only)


Opacity of Vibrancy Effect.

value: 0.0 ~ 1


Select Vibrancy theme:

  • Default Dark
  • Dark (Only Subbar)
Default Dark Dark (Only Subbar)

You can contribute more themes for us! see here.


Import CSS/JS files, as file paths.

EXAMPLE: C:/Users/MyUserName/Documents/custom.css

value: array[]


How to uninstall?

Press F1 and Activate command "Disable Vibrancy", and Restart Visual Studio Code.

Effect doesn't work for terminal?

Check your settings. You should change the renderer type of the terminal to dom.

"terminal.integrated.rendererType": "dom"

Thanks ⭐

be5invis/vscode-custom-css : The basis of this extension program

DIYgod : Fix issues with VSCode 1.36

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