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A small library of helpful classes made possible and useful thanks to Java 8 functional programming.
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A small library of helpful classes made possible and useful thanks to Java 8 functional programming.

Items included in the library:

  • A Connection helper that wraps (and extends) Connections in a way that makes it so you don't have to remember to close them. (
  • An interface that allows Java to simulate tail recursion (
  • Tuples - Tuples that hold 2, 3, or 4 objects.
  • Custom control flow code - I've created some custom control flow systems. Unfortunately, there isn't much useful documentation, so consult the __QuickTest classes to see them in use to figure out how to use them
    • One similar to Ruby's unless statement
    • Several variations of how switches could be done.
    • There are also control flow EXPRESSIONS (a value is returned), like there are in a lot of functional languages.
      • There are a few switch expressions (since they return a value, they don't have the possibility to continue flow down the next case)
      • an if expression
      • an unless expression, which uses an Optional return value
    • ExpressionHub and StatementHub - a single place to do a static import to begin using any of the provided control flow expressions or statements ( and
  • Provider interface - a nice little helpful interface that provides a clean and easy way to create a Supplier, especially for testing, without a lambda expression (
  • Lazy Instantiator - a class to make lazily (and thread-safely) instantiating objects easy (

Coming Soon:

  • Documentation for the custom control flow stuff
  • Lock helper, similar to the Connection helper in that it locks and unlocks for you
  • Collection wrapper, providing simple internal looping without Stream
  • "With" keyword - similar to "try with resources" but isn't a try-catch, and you can specify the closing method
  • Async Task - just creates a new thread and runs the given code - takes callbacks as well
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