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<li class="past"><span class="date"># 1</span>9th September 2010</li>
<li class="past"><span class="date"># 0</span>12th August 2010</li>
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<h2>When is Substandards?</h2>
<p class="past">The Thursday between regular Pub Standards, 18:30 onwards.</p>
<p>If anyone wants to organise a Substandards, contact <a href="">@PubStandardsDub</a> or <a href="">@EamonLeonard</a></p>
<li class="past"><span class="date"> "Ada" </span>26th August 2010</li>
<li class="past">O&apos;Neill&apos;s Pearse Street, Dublin 2.</li>
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