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Stopmotion Android App written in Kotlin
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Stopmotion is an Android App written in Kotlin. It can create stopmotion gifs out of pictures taken with the camera. Therefore it offers the possibility to create multiple pictures in a row, the user can select how many pictures and what's the delay between them.
Play Store Text:

Make your own stop motion gifs 🎥
Take pictures and make a stop motion gif out of it.
Choose how many pictures you want to take.
Choose an interval time of your pictures.
View your created stop motion gifs and share them instantly.
• Create stop-motion gifs
• Choose the amount of images taken
• Share your gifs
• View/Edit/Delete your Gifs

I created this app because I wanted to play around with Kotlin and also used it to try out some stuff.
It has minSdk21 and uses the camera2 api, has app shortcuts and other things that might be interesting.
It also uses Firebase for tracking and crash logging. I also used it to find out how to shrink the apk size of apps (you can read more about it here ), I used it to play around with screengrab (more information ), therefore it also contains a screengrab file.


Get it on Google Play



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