An android application to fix various bugs with the NVG510
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This is a Xamarin Android application to fix some of the various problems with the U-Verse NVG510 modem.

You can see more information about it on my blog.

Binary Releases

I've archived all of the past releases in the folder NVG510Fixer\Releases.

Open source

All of this code is now BSD licensed, so it can be incorporated into proprietary closed source software if desired.

I apologize for the rough organization, this project was initially started as an experiment and thus grew very organically. My inexperience with Xamarin Android at the time did not help.

Unfortunately, I can not easily give the source code to every release. My private git repository contains some optional libraries which are proprietary.

This code does not exactly match the last release. I had to strip out the proprietary libraries and related support code. Thus, this code has not actually been tested, but the changes were trivial.