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This is a utility so that you can easily test HTTP POST requests without having to run a server or use something like Fiddler.

It supports viewing the headers and HTTP method of the request as well as any data sent with it, such as for POST requests.

Live Version

You can see a live version of this in action at


You can add a new formatter by changing formatters.js. I currently have Raw, JSON, and XML implemented. If you want to implement a new one all you have to do is add on to formatters.js.

Here is an example:

formatters.push({name: 'My Formatter', func: myFormatter}); /*fill out your formatter name and the function */

function myFormatter(req){
	return '<pre> I'm magical! ''</pre>';

The req parameter has three properties at the moment.

  • headers a string with all of the HTTP headers in it (separated by new line).
  • method a string with the HTTP method used, such as GET
  • data the data sent with the request, such as the FORM data with POST requests

How it works

Basically, the server holds an in-memory queue tied to the ID (or key) of your choosing. You can push to this queue by using /bounce/put/foobar} where foobar is your key.


There is a prebuild event to automatically regenerate the T4 view templates. If using Visual Studio, you can remove this Just make sure to run the T4 template when changing the HTML views. Under Linux, I expect for there to be the file /usr/local/bin/mono-t4. You must add this in yourself. The contents for most Linux distros is this:

mono /usr/lib/monodevelop/AddIns/MonoDevelop.TextTemplating/TextTransform.exe -o $1 $2

Make sure to make it executable.


A way to bounce an HTTP request from your computer to your browser




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