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The ICO calendar to end all ICO calendars
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Ultimate ICO Calendar

There are a lot of ICO calendars with incomplete information. So, why not crowdsource it and allow people (including founders) to contribute?

If you would like to contribute, submit a pull request with the information you would like added.

If you have any random suggestions (like adding a column), feel free to post an Issue.

Confirmed Dates

Start Date Asset One Liner Platform Website Slack Invite Link Other Community Link
February 28 Edgeless Casino with no house edge Ethereum Link Link
February 28 Mainstreet Tokenized fund Ethereum Link Link
March 1 WeTrust P2P Lending Circles Ethereum Link Link
March 25 Matchpool Dating Ethereum Link Link
March 27 Taas Tokenized Fund Ethereum Link
April 6 HumanIQ Banking for Developing World Ethereum Link Link

Unconfirmed Dates

Rough Start Asset One Liner Platform Website Slack Invite Link Reddit
March Qtum Blockchain focused on China N/A Link Link
March Gnosis Prediction Market Ethereum Link Link
March iEX Distributed Computing Ethereum Link
March Cosmos Connect Blockchains N/A Link Link
March CodeTract Gold token, USD token, Token Auction and Receive salary in tokens Ethereum Link
April/May Tezos Blockchain with Better Governance N/A Link Link
Q2 OmiseGO E-wallet + Merchant Integrations, bank the unbanked Ethereum Link
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