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Python tools for plate tectonic research.
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Python tools for plate tectonic research.

This repository contains the Python package ptt (short for Plate Tectonic Tools) which provides a collection of common plate tectonic functionality that researchers can use in their workflows. It is primarily built on top of the pyGPlates Python library.

There are also some Jupyter notebooks to demonstrate usage of the ptt package:

  • Calculating average seafloor spreading rates of mid-ocean ridges
  • Calculating subducting rate of paleo rasters along subduction zones
  • Predicting CO2 from age and bottom water temperature.

Note: This repository is only in its initial stages. More functionality and examples will be provided in future.


There are some demonstrations of ptt that may be installed from the package itself by running:

import ptt



You will need Python 2.7. Also, the following packages are required:

Optional dependencies for running the Notebooks:

Installing using pip

You can install ptt using the pip package manager with either version of Python:

python2 -m pip install PlateTectonicTools
python3 -m pip install PlateTectonicTools

Installing using Docker

Coming soon...

API Documentation

Coming soon...

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