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Releases: EarthScope/ispaq


08 Dec 19:27
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Changes for this release include:

  • updated conda package versions when running './ -U'


08 Dec 19:23
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Changes for this release include:

  • addition of --sds argument for specifying Seiscomp SDS file naming convention NET.STA.LOC.CHAN.TYPE.YEAR.DAY
  • bug fix for FDSN station web services that do not support optional parameter includerestricted
  • bug fix for reading local files for event metrics that span day boundaries
  • bug fix, will not append to TRANSCRIPT log unless '-A' option specified
  • bug fix, sort out-of-order miniseed segments when reading
  • recommends creating conda environment using obspy 1.4.0


17 Feb 21:05
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Changes for this release include:

  • modified the ispaq-conda-installation.txt file to specify dependent package numpy=1.21.4.

This change was made because ISPAQ is not currently compatible with numpy version 1.22 and above.


18 Nov 17:12
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Improvements and changes for this release include:

  • ports code to Python3
  • MUSTANG metrics sample_rate_resp, sample_rate_channel, max_range
  • modifications to preference file default.txt
  • access to IRIS PH5 archive data, using IRISPH5 name
  • option to write metric values to SQLite database
  • updates recommended conda package versions
  • requires installation of R-packages seismicRoll 1.1.4, IRISMustangMetrics 2.4.4, IRISSeismic 1.6.3
  • local data will be marked percent_availability=0 for target-days without data if metadata is included for target
  • updates to documentation, including new Jupyter notebook tutorials
  • updates to logging output
  • PSD and PDF output targets now contain quality code information
  • bug fix, transfer_function metric will run on all requested days with correct results
  • bug fix, PDF calculation completes when using CSV files having multiple SNCLs with a differing number of targets

Note: if you had previously been using the v3.0.0-beta version, the metric table "psd_day" has had two changes: 1) it is now named psd_corrected, and 2) the uniqueness criteria has changed slightly. In order for this new uniqueness criteria to take effect, ISPAQ must generate the table afresh. You may want to allow ISPAQ to generate the new table and then port the values from psd_day into psd_corrected afterward.


01 Feb 23:41
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Improvements and changes for this release include:

  • the ability to aggregate PSDs into a PDF that spans multiple days
  • replaces old metric names 'pdf_text' and 'pdf_plot' with a single metric name 'pdf'
  • output of the 'pdf' metric is controlled by a new section in the preferences file called 'PDF Preferences' or through the command line
  • other changes to the preference file include new output directories for PSD and PDF files and modified default metric aliases. This release is not completely compatible with older preference files.
  • PDFs require that PSD text files are available. These can be generated with 'psd_corrected' either prior to or concurrently with 'pdf'.
  • the dead_channel_exp metric has been retired from MUSTANG. This release removes this metric from ISPAQ.
  • requires R-package IRISMustangMetrics_2.2.0 (included and also available on CRAN)
  • fixes bug that affected PSD/PDF output when local RESP files are used
  • updates recommended package versions for conda environment install


12 May 01:58
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This release fixes a compatibility issue with R-package IRISSeismic_1.4.8. It is not backwards compatible with earlier IRISSeismic versions. IRISSeismic_1.4.8 is included in this release and it is also available on CRAN.


06 Jul 00:09
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This release fixes an issue affecting data requested from a SeisComP FDSNWS dataselect service. ISPAQ will now trim start and endtimes to the sample level when the web service returns data cut to the record level. Orientation_check and polarity_check metrics will now work for SeisComP data. Other metrics may return slightly different results than with previous versions. It also includes the R IRISSeismic_1.4.6.tar.gz package, which must be installed for this fix to work. This package is also available on CRAN.


23 Jun 17:49
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First production release of ISPAQ.