An extension of EasyTest Core module to support Spring based Data Driven Integration Testing
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EasyTest Spring : An extension of EasyTest Core module to support Data Driven Testing for Spring based projects.

Version 1.3.2 of EasyTest Spring is now available in Maven Central Repository Whats new in Version 1.3.2

A lot of cool new stuff has been added.

  • Support for parallel execution of Tests
  • Support for defining reusable Test Configuration using annotations in EasyTest Core Module (See EasyTest Core WIKI for more details)
  • Fixed quite a few bugs

For a detailed list on new features or for any specific query/concern please mail to

Whats New in Version 1.2.2

Quite a few bug fixes related to the Core Module. Moved to the latest version of EasyTest Core. A lot of refactoring of code. Support for parallel running of Tets Cases. Support for Expression Language like syntax for filePaths attribute, a system property to specify the file paths etc.

For details on whats new look at the description of Version 1.2.2 of EasyTest Core

For details on using EasyTest Spring module look at :