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#BMP085 Driver for the STM32-F4 ARM Cortex-M4
This driver uses I2C to collect Temperature, Pressure, and Altitude information from a Bosch BMP_085 Pressure sensor. It uses the BMP085's EOC pin in coordination with an external interrupt on the ARM microcontroller and is intended for inclusion in future IoT projects as well as my personal quadcopter/drone software. Average data acquisition speed to collect all readings is currently ~39 Hz. A simple timer library (TIM2) has been included for basic example usage.

1. Bosch BMP085 pressure sensor
2. STM32-F4 ARM Cortex-M4 MCU (such as the STM32-F4 Discovery Board)


| STM32F4 PIN | BMP085 PIN |
| ------------ |:-----------:|
| GND | GND |
| 5V | VIN |
| PB7 | SDA |
| PB6 | SCL |
| PD0 | EOC |

*It should be noted that pin assignments PB6, PB7, PD0 are not currently able to be re-configured, however this may be a feature added in the future. Currently you must use these pins to use this driver.*

-The ARM Standard Peripheral Library must be included to properly use this driver. Specifically make sure you have included these S.P.L. files in your project's working directory:

All files have been commented and are Doxygen compatible. A doxyfile has been included for easily generating documentation. Input and output paths may need to be edited to the path of your download directory.

##Basic Usage:
(see: main.c for a working example)
In order to include the driver in a project, BMP085.h must be included in the main.c file. Within main.c, bmp085_init() must be called once to initialize the sensor on startup, and then bmp085_run() must be called in your main loop to collect Temperature Pressure and Altitude readings. To retrieve the update rate of the sensor (in Hz), a counter variable is used in conjunction with the TIM2 timer by including timer.h in main and using the extern counter variable located in "bmp_085.c". This functionality is temporary and will be encapsulated within "bmp_085.c" in a future update.

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