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Firmware written in Arduino C for a wireless NES controller and receiver unit.
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Transmitter and Receiver code for a wireless NES controller which appears as a USB HID joystick in Windows. Written in Arduino C.

Author: Eason Smith (


For more documentation (HW and SW) on this project, please visit

This project would not be possible without some amazing work done by the following individuals:

Authors Note:
2/8/2016 - While this project is no longer active (it's about 6 years old) I am currently working to document it for myself and others who might find it interesting. Because of this, I cant currently make strong gaurentees that these files will still compile even for the original arduino IDE version it was designed for (V0020). This is due to small code refactorings / comment cleanups here and there while the hardware has remained in storage. I am actively working to confirm functionality using other methods, and I hope to reproduce misssing documentation as I go along. Thanks for your patience. -Eason

What's currently missing:

  1. 8U2 Hex file for the atmega 8U2: Not missing actually. I have it on my PC but need to verify that it is the final (working) atmega8u2 hex file I used for this project. This will be available shortly.

  2. Schematic/Pinout Diagram: I will most likely have to reproduce the full schematics of the project and controller pinout connections from scratch (ugg), however I did leave myself enough clues/comments in both the software I wrote and from old photos I took to be able to accurately reproduce the schematic. This is also on the way.

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