A static analysis check checker for your Meteor applications!
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A static analysis check checker for your Meteor applications!

Using the static analysis features of eslint, this package will dig through all of your Meteor methods and publications looking for arguments that are not checked.

Unlike audit-arguments-check, check-checker will present you with a report of unchecked method and publication arguments as soon as your application is started, rather than at runtime when the method or publication is called.


meteor add east5th:check-checker


check-checker will crawl your entire Meteor application looking for JavaScript files to parse. Given an example input file, example.js in the root of your project:

if (Meteor.isServer) {
    foo: function(bar) {
      return MyCollection.find();

  Meteor.publish("test", function(rab, oof) {
    SensitiveDocuments.update(rab, oof);

check-checker would produce the following output in your server logs:

example.js:3:4: Method 'foo' has an unchecked argument: bar
example.js:8:2: Publication 'test' has an unchecked argument: rab
example.js:8:2: Publication 'test' has an unchecked argument: oof

check-checker is implemented as a Meteor linter, so it can also be run using the meteor list command.

Use with audit-argument-checks

It can be useful to use check-checker alongside audit-argument-checks. For example, if you have a publication that accepts no arguments, like:

Meteor.publish('fooPub', function(){
  return Foo.find();

audit-argument-checks will detect and alert you if you pass any extra arguments into this publication:

Meteor.subscribe('fooPub', 'foo');
Exception from sub fooPub id xxxxxxxxx Error: Did not check() all arguments during publisher 'fooPub'


  • Improve project directory detection (replace process.env.PWD)
  • Add ES6 support