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Eastrails generator

This is a tool developed by East Agile to simplify the creation of Rails app and the addition of different components to an existing Rails app.

It provides the following functionalities

Create a new rails app

eastrails init <app_name>

We simply bridge that to the rails new app. Prior to that, we create a gemset with the same name of the app and then install everything into that gemset.

Also you can specify some components for new rails app by passing component names:

eastrails init <app_name> <comma_separated_components_names>

Aside, we also provide some aliases:

tdd = rspec,cucumber
default = tdd,haml,devise,twitter_bootstrap

For full list supported components, see next section.

Adding components

Once the project created, you may want to add several components to it:

eastrails add <component_name>

These components are supported: Rspec, Cucumber, Heroku, Capistrano, Haml, Devise, New Relic, Jasmine, Exception Notifier, Twitter Boostrap, Cancan, Vcr. Use their underscore form (rspec, new_relic,...) to pass into the eastrails add command. With each component, we supply the simplest configuration that make that component available.

Check for security holes

eastrails check