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@EastDesire how can I get a commercial license for this library? I have other code that is proprietary and need to integrate this library.


EastDesire replied May 5, 2016

Hi Jan,
Thank you, however I did not get it, did you send it to my e-mail?
Is there a place where I should pay first?


EastDesire replied May 6, 2016

oventi replied May 10, 2016 edited

Please send it to andres at oventi dot org, the e-mail on my profile. Thanks!

Hi Jan, I am working with and would love to use the color picker in our backend. Would that be ok?


EastDesire replied Jun 11, 2016

Hi Jan,

I work at and would love to use jscolor at a particular website of our embedded devices (our code is proprietary). How can we get a commercial license for it?

Thanks in advance for your time and congrats for the library!

Best regards,

This is awesome thanks!
Doubleclick on the pallet should choose the color and close the pallet.

Hello EastDesire, as I can see your older versions of this library is licensed under LGPL, but you did not chose any specific version for it. The only hint in this case is the link which will always redirect me to the last LGPL version. I'm a bit confused, would you please be kind enough to let me know what is the exact version of the license you used in this case?

Thanks in advance for your time!



EastDesire replied Jun 21, 2017

pinty replied Jun 21, 2017 edited

Thank you for your fast resonse! We are using this library in one of our projects with the version 1.3.13 which is not listed on your github, but have the following header:

`/* jscolor, JavaScript Color Picker

Just for leagal purpose (on our side) would you please confirm that the version 1.3.13 is also licensed under the LGLP v3.0?
Thank you once again and congrats for the library! 👍


EastDesire replied Jun 21, 2017

br3t replied Jun 26, 2017

Hello, Jan.
How can I init jscolor manually? I want to use it in my web-exension and it doesn't init currently because input for colorpicker appears after jscolor.js injecting.


EastDesire replied Jun 26, 2017

br3t replied Jun 27, 2017

Thank you, Jan, it really helps.

weichsl replied Jul 24, 2017 edited

Hello Jan,

this is Christian Weichselbaum. I am working at KIVU, where we built a commercial graph visualization GUI. Among D3.js and other cool libraries we would love to use your color picker. Therefor I'm requesting to buy a commercial organization license. You can reach me at christian [AT]


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