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Providing code generation and more features to help you develop applications and modules with the ABP framework.


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AbpHelper is a tool that help you with developing Abp vNext applications.

Make sure to backup your source files before using it!

Getting Started

  1. Install AbpHelper CLI tool

    dotnet tool install EasyAbp.AbpHelper -g

    If you prefer GUI, there is also a tool with a fancy UI: AbpHelper.GUI

  2. If you have previously installed it, update it with the following command:

    dotnet tool update EasyAbp.AbpHelper -g

  3. Use ABP CLI to create an ABP application

    abp new MyToDo

  4. Create an entity

    public class Todo : FullAuditedEntity<Guid>
        public string Content { get; set; }
        public bool Done { get; set; }
  5. Run AbpHelper

    abphelper generate crud Todo -d C:\MyTodo

    • generate crud is a sub command to generate CRUD files
    • Todo specified the entity name we created earlier
    • -d specified the root directory of the ABP project, which is created by the ABP CLI

    AbpHelper will generate all the CRUD stuffs , even include adding migration and database updating!

  6. Run the DbMigrator to seed the database

  7. Startup your application

  8. Login with the default admin account, and see the magic happens!


    If you don't see the TODO menu, check your permissions and make sure the TODO related permissions are granted


  • Run abphelper -h to see the general help
  • Similarly, you can use -h or --help option to see detailed usage of each of the following commands


  • generate

    Generate files for ABP projects. See 'abphelper generate --help' for details

    • crud

      Generate a set of CRUD related files according to the specified entity

      Demo GIF

    • service

      Generate service interface and class files according to the specified name

      Demo GIF

    • methods

      Generate service method(s) according to the specified name(s)

      Demo GIF

    • localization

      Generate localization item(s) according to the specified name(s)

      Demo GIF

    • controller

      Generate controller class and methods according to the specified service

      Demo GIF

  • ef

    A shortcut to run 'dotnet ef' commands. See 'abphelper ef --help' for details

    Demo GIF

  • module

    Help quickly add/update/remove ABP modules. See 'abphelper module --help' for details

    Demo GIF