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The new (and simple) admin generator for Symfony applications.
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EasyAdmin creates administration backends for your Symfony applications with unprecedented simplicity.

Symfony Backends created with EasyAdmin


  • CRUD operations on Doctrine entities (create, edit, list, delete).
  • Full-text search, pagination and column sorting.
  • Supports Symfony 4.1 or higher
  • Translated into tens of languages.
  • Fast, simple and smart where appropriate.


  • Symfony 4.1 or higher applications.
  • Doctrine ORM entities (Doctrine ODM not supported).
  • Entities with composite keys or using inheritance are not supported.


  • 1.x version: no longer maintained. Recommended only for legacy projects using a Symfony version prior to 4.1;
  • 2.x version: the current stable version. Recommended for all projects using Symfony 4.1 or newer;
  • 3.x version: it's still in early development. Don't use it in any project yet.

Demo Application

easy-admin-demo is a complete Symfony application created to showcase EasyAdmin features.


This software is published under the MIT License

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