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UPGRADE FROM 1.x to 2.0

Although EasyAdmin 2.0 is a new major version, it doesn't contain many backward compatibility breaks when you upgrade from EasyAdmin 1.x versions. Also, the breaking changes are related to mostly unimportant features.


If you use Rector, a tool to automate the upgrade of PHP applications, you can upgrade your admin controllers to EasyAdmin 2.0 running this command: $ ./vendor/bin/rector process /src --level easy-admin-bundle20

Upgraded Requirements

The most important change is that EasyAdmin now requires at least PHP 7.1.3 and Symfony ^4.1 components. If you can't upgrade these requirements, you can't upgrade to EasyAdmin 2.0 and you must keep using 1.x versions.

Deprecated Features

Upgrade to the latest EasyAdmin 1.x version and you'll see in the application logs all the deprecated features that you are using. You must remove all of them before upgrading to EasyAdmin 2.x.

Most deprecations are related to design config options that have been removed in EasyAdmin 2.x. Remove (or update appropriately) those deprecated options in your configuration file and you'll be ready to upgrade. The docs have also been updated to warn about any deprecated feature.

New Base Controller

Symfony 4.2 has deprecated the base Controller class in favor of AbstractController class. They are similar, but AbstractController only allows you to access to some services using $this->get('service_id') instead of allowing you to access to all available services.

EasyAdmin 1.x provided one base controller extending from Symfony's Controller. EasyAdmin 2.0 provides two base controllers:

  • The first one is the same as in EasyAdmin 1.x: EasyCorp\Bundle\EasyAdminBundle\Controller\AdminController It extends from the deprecated Controller class, so you'll see deprecation messages in your logs. Using it will ensure that your app keeps working because you can still use $this->get('service_id') in the controller.
  • The second one is a new controller in EasyAdmin 2.x called EasyCorp\Bundle\EasyAdminBundle\Controller\EasyAdminController It extends from AbstractController so you won't get any deprecation message. However, your apps may break if they use $this->get('service_id') in the controller.

It's recommended to use the new EasyAdminController base controller to get rid of legacy deprecations. If you need to get services, don't use $this->get('service_id') and instead, inject the services in your controller's constructor or actions as recommended in Symfony 4.x apps.


Extend from EasyCorp\Bundle\EasyAdminBundle\Controller\AdminController class and:

// in some place from extended child controller:


Extend from EasyCorp\Bundle\EasyAdminBundle\Controller\EasyAdminController class and:

Option 1: Inject your service as argument of the constructor:

private $customService;

public function __constructor(CustomService $customService)
    $this->customService = $customService;

// then use $this->customService instead of $this->get('custom_service')

Option 2: Override the getSubscribedServices() method and add your services to the list:

public static function getSubscribedServices()
    return parent::getSubscribedServices() + [
        'custom_service' => CustomService::class,

// then use $this->get('custom_service') as before

Redesigned Interface

The interface of the backend has been redesigned entirely. We kept all the original Twig blocks and their names, so your templates shouldn't break when upgrading.

We also kept most of CSS classes and IDs, so your design customizations should keep working. However, we changed some CSS classes/IDs and we removed some HTML attributes related to the responsive design. You may need to tweak a bit your CSS customizations to fix those edge cases.

Finally, the design customization is now based on CSS variables, so it's easier to fully customize the entire backend interface. Read the updated chapter about design to learn all the details.

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