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General Purpose Farming Tool For Final Fantasy XI
C# PowerShell
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General purpose farming tool for Final Fantasy XI.

EasyFarm GUI


Build status

The newest version of EasyFarm can be found under Releases.

EasyFarm is Free Software


EasyFarm is free software produced under the GPLv3 license with the goal of producing a first class automation software for Final Fantasy XI that is freely accessible to everyone.

Powered by EliteMMO Network

EliteMMO Network, your source for cheat, hacks, tutorials and more!!!

EasyFarm uses the EliteMMO API provided by Wiccaan at EliteMMO Network. Without his hard work and generosity in keeping the EliteAPI free to use, progress on this program would not be possible.

Project Status

Development has slowed, and mostly happens on the weekends.


  • Advanced Mob Filtering
  • Aggro Detection
  • Self Healing
  • Persistent Settings
  • Customizable Player Actions
  • (planned) New Farming Modes (FoV, GoV, Dynamis)
  • (planned) Trust / Adventuring NPCs
  • (planned) Detection Avoidance
  • (planned) Inventory Control


  • Ashita or Windower
  • Resource Files (Optional)
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5
  • Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013
  • Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2015

Note: You can use the EliteMMO system checker tool to check for missing packages:

Important: Make sure you're using the X86 version of the Visual Studio C++ Redistributables even if you have a 64 bit operating system.


Visit the tutorials page for more information on setting up the program.


There's a few ways you can ask questions about the program or make suggestions to improve it. No option is preferred over the others so feel free to shoot me an email directly if you'd like! ^^;

Want to contribute?

Anyone can contribute to the project. Do your best to test the code, and I'll add in your contribution! Contributions to the tutorial section are highly welcomed!

I'm not strict when it comes to program design or automated testing; code quality and test coverage can be improved over time. I welcome anyone to contribute to the project no matter what level of experience.

Building The Project

You should be able to build the project using Visual Studio (I'm currently using 2015 version).

If you choose to use Atom (which I occasionally do to get away from Visual Studio), the build directory contains build scripts for automating the build, test and code-coverage processes.

For building and running the tests, you can run this command:


This should generate a coverage folder containing a index.htm file containing the code coverage report. You can open that up in chrome to see the coverage metrics.

Special Thanks!

  • The FFEVO Team for producing the previous memory reading api this program could not operate without.

  • Atom0s and EliteMMO for producing the current memory reading api this program could not operate without.

  • The Windower Team for producing the Windower client and resource files which make using the program a whole lot easier.

  • The DarkStar project for providing invaluable insight into the underlying workings of the game.

  • And of course the community which has made all this possible through their suggestions and feedback (and the occasional thank you) which makes working on this program a joy!


Does the program detect aggro?
  • Yes and no. The program detects monsters in a aggressive state but cannot distinguish between aggressive and linking behaviors.
My character will not stop running. What should I do?
  1. Select your character under File > Select Character ...
  2. Navigate to the Route's tab.
  3. Click the reset navigator button.
Why is the program not targeting mobs correctly or not at all?
  • Try turning off the in-game auto target feature.
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