LiteLoader mod that allows customization of some vanilla horse mechanics.
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[Source]( | [Change Log]( | [Feature Request]( | [Bug Report]( | [Donate]( **Latest Version:** v1.0.0-alpha for mc1.7.10


HorseTweaks is a modification for Minecraft loaded by LiteLoader and designed to allow users to customize several aspects of the vanilla horse mechanics.


This project contains the following functionality:

  • Enable ability to wear armor for all horse types.
  • Enable rendering of armor texture layer for all horse types.
  • Enable displaying of horse statistics in the horse inventory screen.


  1. Install proper version of LiteLoader.
  2. Download and move this mode to the proper versioned mods folder. (e.g. .minecraft/mods/1.7.10/)


All mod configuration can be accessed via the LiteLoader mods tab in-game. If you cannot see the tab in the game menu, try pressing Ctrl + Shift + Tab.


This modification is tested to ensure that it is correct, but sometimes bugs can sneak in. If you have found a bug within the project, or if you have a feature request, please create an issue on Github.


Donating is a great way to thank the developer if you find the project useful, and encourages work on more 100% free and open-source projects. If you would like to donate (any amount), there is an easily accessible link at the top of this page. Thank you!


This modification is released as a free and open-source project under the GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3). To learn more about what this means, click that link or read about it on Wikipedia.