A Note on Versioning

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EasyNetQ is beta software. It has been used successfully in production by many companies, but be aware that it is under development with frequent changes both to the internals and to the public API. You should regression test each update. The developers follow the following versioning scheme:


So for example, the version at the time this was written was:

We use the following, somewhat semantic, versioning policy:

major           - 0 to indicate that this is beta software.
minor           - increments when there is a breaking change to the API.
patch           - indicates a bug fix or some internal change.
build-number    - increments on each build on the CI server.

We use the code better (http://teamcity.codebetter.com/) CI server for our builds. Each change in the master repository triggers a build. Each build is automatically published to NuGet.

There is no development version, or stabilization process, so you should regression test your software when upgrading your NuGet EasyNetQ package.